Chapter 656- Allied troops first
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Zhan Yue Chapter 656- Allied troops first

“Let’s go!”

I summoned my horse and jumped up onto it to lead the team, “There aren’t many spots outside, let’s get a good position!”

I pointed at the empty land in the distance, it was the one that was furthest in front. On the right were the Silver Frost Army’s heavy shield soldiers and heavy cavalries. On the right were Winds of Battle, “Okay, there then!”


Lin Xi pulled the reins and said, “Lu Li head over with me, let’s chope the spot first!”



In the next moment, Lin Xi rode the White Deer forwards and I chased her. The two of us passed through the NPCs’ heavy cannons, archers and spearmen and further ahead was the wilderness. I said loudly to the NPCs and players, “With You has chosen this spot so please move aside a little, thank you---”

Lin Xi drew a line beside Winds of Battle’s formation and Fallen Frost Sword caused a mark on the ground. White Deer also left its silver prints. Lin Xi said word by word, “With You is taking this spot, please give us some face, thank you---”

“Cough cough!”

On the frontline, Zilong held his sword and smiled, “Brothers pay attention, our brother guild With You is coming to our right, not bad not bad---”

Winds of Battle laughed and someone said, “With You has always been S+ on the battlefield, with them on our right, at least our right side won’t collapse!”

Someone else said, “Right, now we need to pay attention not to collapse ourselves!”

Zilong touched his nose, “You brats, be more confident. We won’t collapse unless we all die…”


Lin Xi and I were like two arrows that shot into the two sides. After which, Cal, Haotian, Heaven Morque etc led the Sika Deer Cavalries into the battlefield to form the first defence line. Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi led the ranged players to form the second line. Next was Light Lotus, Little Bell etc who led the support team. Not long later, With You’s 6000 were lined up and filled up this empty region.


“Dong dong dong---”

In the distance, the war drums sounded out like thunder. The Pioneer Army was tempted to move. On our right, Silver Frost Army’s formation was even more east. It was a red patch. The flame armored cavalries were in front and beside them were the heavy infantry and archers. This was Winter Sun City’s most elite Flame Army. Behind them was a huge chariot and on it was an old general. He was Guan Yang.

Zhenyang Duke Guan Yang, a famous general in charge of the north of Xuanyuan Empire, he was the pillar of the empire in the north. He held a tea cup and looked into the distance, “Dimension Legion still wants to head down south. This time we can only go all out and block them north of the corridor. We need to protect the corridor so we can stab a needle into the north. That would make Pioneer Forest, Flame Plains and Frost Forest feel uneasy!”

“Don’t worry duke!”

A general held his blade and looked forward with a determined gaze, “For the future of the human race and for our wives behind us, we will fight to the death---”


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