Chapter 564- Demon Forest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 564- Demon Forest

“Since we got the coordinates, should we head out?”

Shen Mingxuan raised her bow and she was filled with fighting intent, “Let’s try to get With You a few level 120 skillbooks! If that is the case, Lin Xi and Ah Li’s explosiveness and sustained damage would increase and I can kite better. As for Ruyi, her skill cooldown would reduce. Our cannons can finally become powerful high speed cannons!”

I nodded, “Well said.”

Lin Xi burst out laughing, “We need to send a few more people or it won’t be efficient. But Spirit Realm Battlefield is still going on so if we send too many over, we will be affected. We should send less than 100 and keep it a secret.”

“I will send them.”

I looked at her and said, “Apart from the 5 of us, let Light Lantern select 96 people from his team. As for Spirit Realm Battlefield, with Cal, Mundane, Firefly, Haotian etc, nothing will happen. Even if their main force comes, we will have enough strength to fight back.”


Lin Xi smiled, “Head out, let’s go see the teleportation point.”



I held my daggers and walked beside Lin Xi to the east wall. The east of Winter Sun City could be seen and the scenery was really shocking. This was my first time here and it felt like I was the ruler of the area.

“The flying tool is there.”

Shen Mingxuan pointed to the left, “There aren’t many people.”

“Of course, it is expensive!”

I laughed and brought everyone over. On the east wall was a parking platform and on it were flying boats waiting. They were small and each could only handle 10 people, it was different from those large ones in war. If those were bentleys, then this was a tricycle.

Beside the boat were guards laying in wait. When we walked forwards, the captain walked to us and said solemnly, “Young adventurer, where are you heading to?”

“Demon Forest.”


He frowned, “That is a dangerous region with many evil tree demons. There are also Blood Dynasty demons that appear, are you heading there to search for a treasure?”


I didn’t deny as I didn’t want to speak much nonsense with him.

Lin Xi laughed, “Sir can we go now?”


He nodded and said, “For the flying boat to head so far away, the sum isn’t a small one. Each person will cost 1000 gold, is that okay?”

I was stunned, although gold was depreciating, but 1000G was still around 500RMB. This price was like sitting second class from Shanghai to Beijing. As expected, Ah Fei was right, it was really expensive.

Fortunately, With You was rich. We didn’t lack equipment or gold so after paying 1000G, we boarded a boat. It was like a real boat, each one of us had a seat. Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi picked a seat on the first row while Lin Xi and I sat on the second.

“Okay guests, let’s head out!”

A 60 year old man jumped up and lit up a spirit crystal before tossing it into the furnace. He grabbed the wheel and smiled, “Have a good trip!”

The boat flew upwards and then charged into the distance leaving white marks in the sky. The few of us were blown all around and Shen Mingxuan gave out an excited laughter.

“Oi, grab it tight!”

I stared, “Don’t fall off, if you do you will definitely die.”


She held the handle and continued to scream and cheer with Ruyi.

I didn’t bother and looked at the progression. The flight was 20 minutes, it didn’t seem far but we would definitely be far from the human territory. Demon Forest should be under Black Castle or Blood Dynasty and it had nothing to do with the humans.


Not long later, we had left the human race territory. At that moment, we were in Blood Dynasty’s territory and from afar we could see human-like structures but they were covered in blood.

“Blood Dynasty?”

Lin Xi looked and said, “Why don’t they attack us?”

“Maybe due to resources.”

I rested on the seat, “Flying Boats are rare and those that can fly in game are all really strong. They can attack the flying boats but the cost would be too high. They definitely couldn’t send a warship over so the maintenance cost of which will be more expensive than the gains.”

“That might be the reason.”

She smiled, “You are really knowledgeable. Black Castle is a huge faction and is different from our Dawn Valley.”


I was interested and looked at her, “Lin Xi, what is Dawn Valley like? I have never been there.”

“Dawn Valley doesn’t have many people.”

She blinked, “Only a handful can cultivate and we don’t have a real army, just a bunch of cavalries. There aren’t even a hundred of them but they are all strong. What about you, how is Black Castle like?”


I said, “We are really strong… We have three divisions and five outer locations, there are many disciples outside. The army has 30-50 thousand and the three divisions are Blood Pond, Left and Right Camps with their own troops and overall of 200 thousand soldiers. Above would be Darkness God Hall and Elder Hall and they each have their armies.”


She opened her mouth slightly, “I finally understand why Master hates Black Castle, Blood Dynasty and Dimension Legion Territory but she is unable to attack… Dawn Valley only can defend. It isn’t that we don’t want to attack but we can’t…”

“Right right, normally the bad guys are stronger.” I laughed.

She stared, “You are the worst!”


Shen Mingxuan heard and then he turned, “Lin Xi finally saw through you, right you are the worst! You keep wanting to seduce her!”

“When did I?”

Lin Xi’s face flushed red, “Shen Mingxuan, stop your nonsense…”

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Although her words sounded firm but her tone was really soft.

I crossed my arms and laughed. Time to accompany Lin Xi to see the scenery.


Not long later, the boat started to descend into the forest. The old man said, “We can’t get too close, can you all jump down?”

It was ten meters high so it wasn’t much of a problem.

I jumped and landed on the ground. Assassin’s had high agility so our balance was better than Archers. Lin Xi landed with the Fallen Frost Sword and a silver energy surged around her. She landed really well. As expected from a heavy armored player, she looked really heavy.

Shen Mingxuan was next to land and Gu Ruyi was last. She panicked a little. Lin Xi jumped up and hugged her waist, “Our Ruyi’s waist is so thin… Who knows how many guys she can attract--”


Gu Ruyi’s face flushed red, “Lin Xi you are teasing me!”


I looked ahead and it was the Demon Forest. I said solemnly, “Let’s start hunting, we don’t need to wait for the others. They will just join in.”



I stepped into the forest and many figures were stumbling around. They were Tree Demons that were covered in leaves and vines. They looked no different from treants and tree elves but just that their gazes are more violent. Moreover, their arms and branches were covered in spikes and looked hard to handle.

“Damn humans, you are asking for death!”

A tree dashed over and his body swung left and right and it looked quite amusing. Their movement speed was really slow and when it was here, I had already read its level and stats. Level 125 Legendary Grade Monster, its level was high but its Grade wasn’t. It was Legendary Grade and not Legacy Grade so level 110+ teams could basically kill them. No wonder Cloud Ocean’s Northwest Kidney King could get a treasure here.

But With You was going to start to infiltrate the area and might have a war with them. But there was nothing to fear. After all, we knew how strong they were and just the small group of 4 of us was enough to give them a headache.

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