Chapter 38- Training ground
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Zhan Yue Chapter 38- Training ground

"You're the human race spy! I'm the direct disciple of Wind Cloud Platform Guardian Ding Heng!"

I shouted in a voice brimming with confidence; if not, he would bully me. After all, the Undead Cavalry was just a mid-tier troop in Black Castle, and as a disciple, I should have a higher status than them. I was someone who cultivated the path of death, while he was probably just going to be an Undead Cavalry for the rest of his life.


He squinted his eyes. "So you are from Wind Cloud Platform. Why are you here on the Ancient Battlefield?"

"I'm on orders from Senior Uncle Lin Fengnian to find Senior Uncle Zhang Xiaoshan."

"So that's the case."

His gaze was cold as he tugged at the rope. "Follow me; I'll bring you to see the elder."

"Thank you~"


Thus, I followed this Undead Cavalry along a small path. Right when death energy was about to cover the entire valley, the area in front suddenly became wide and vast. A cold wind blew onto my skin and sent chills down my spine. The air was filled with thick death energy and I found it hard to breathe.

On a random stone sticking out at the entrance sat someone. His white hair was tied up and his white robe was in tatters. He looked like a cultivator who had slept for millions of years and had not moved at all. He held a black short staff. He sensed my aura and opened his eyes. Those eyes looked like they could see through all the secrets of the world. He smiled. "Junior Brother Lin told you to come?"


I nodded. "Senior Uncle Lin told me to find you. After I collect 1000 souls, I will leave Ancient Battlefield and won't disturb you."

"I understand."

He pointed to an area not far away and said, "You can start from the lowest part; don't head to the higher parts or you might be in danger."

"Oh.Thank you, senior uncle!"

I followed with my eyes where he was pointing. This was the outer part of the Ancient Battlefield and it was on a low ground. Looking out, I saw many ancient war chariots strewn in the ruins of the battlefield. The place was filled with an ancient killing aura, which sent chills down my body.

"Ancient Battlefield, an ancient era battlefield where humans, demons, gods all had a long war."

Zhang Xiaoshan's voice came from behind me. "This low ground only has the souls and items of weaker humans and demons; you can cultivate here but don't go far."

"Thank you, senior master!"

I nodded my head and stepped into the valley.


[System notification: Please note that you have entered a dangerous map, the Ancient Battlefield. Pay attention to your safety!]


I was here!

I walked forwardand saw all the ruins on the battlefield. Many war horses, which had turned into white bones, corpses of human warriors, and some blood-red demons piled up all around this place. The demon race soldiers had unique bone structures and came in all shapes of sizes. If a person closed their eyes, one could imagine how brutal the battle here was.


On a broken sword, a human soldier appeared. His eyes were empty and his hair was messy. His flesh was decomposing and he looked like a ghost. He walked towardme and muttered, "Give me back my life... Return my life.Demon, return me my life..."

I frowned and this human warrior's stats appeared before my eyes—

Battlefield Wandering Soul (Rare Monster)

Level: 28

Attack: 95-220

Defense: 105

Health: 2750

Skill: Heavy Strike, Double Hit

Introduction: The wandering soul of a human warrior.Died on the battlefield and unable to return home, becoming a vengeful spirit, who wants to destroy everything, after millions of years.


Level 28, Attack over 200. This was so high. His Defense was slightly lower than mine and his Health was the same as mine. Anyway, while he was suitable for training, I would probably expend a lot.

I sucked in a deep breath and walked up. When he sliced at me, I flicked the Water Pattern Dagger and used Gouge to stun him!


I slid and appeared behind him. Snakebone Dagger shone and I landed two hits. A basic attack plus Backstab chipped away a large chunk of his health—



One must say that, without the Boss's stats, I was finding it hard to deal with such monsters. Moreover, I did not bring potions, so I had to kill them without wasting health. It was understandable, though. I was a level 24 Assassin, so one could imagine how hard it was to kill level 28 Rare monsters alone. Even in Linchen County, if someone heard that a level 24 Assassin could kill level 28 monsters alone, they would be treated as a monster themselves.

I used Quickness and retreated. When Gouge was off cooldown, I used it again. After I used the second rotation, I raised my hands to launch Dragon Will!


The palm charged with dragon energy ended the battle.


The wandering soul cried and fell to the ground. Not only did he give me 5000 plus experience, he also dropped 28 copper coins. The human warrior did look like he wasrich!

At that moment, I felt delighted. Could I finally train in Black Castle? Could I just request to come to this Ancient Battlefield for training next time? Based on what Zhang Xiaoshan said, these monsters were only at the lowest level and there were ones even higher. This meant that this Ancient Battlefield was a training treasure trove!

I twisted the cap of the gourd, and instantly the wandering soul turned into a red light which flew in. The quest showed that I had collected a soul!


After which, I learned to be smarter. I scouted in Stealth mode. In front of me, a rusty waraxe shook and then a Cowhead Demon roared. His body was covered in red hair as he shouted violently, "Where are you? Where are you? I want to kill you!"

I appeared behind him and used basic attack plus Backstab. The moment he turned, I used Gouge to stun him, and just as I shifted behind him, Backstab's cooldown ended, so I used basic attack plus Backstab again. I activatedQuickness and left, employing this method to kill the monsters. When Gouge was off cooldown, I would use it, and the total damage reached 3000.

Although it was complicated, this was the limit of what I could currently do. After all, Dragon Will was my ultimate and I could not use it randomly. It was best to save it so I could avoid it being on cooldown during critical moments.

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Just like that, I soloed the monsters one by one while collecting their souls. My experience and copper coin collection started to accumulate.

In less than half an hour.


A bright light descended upon me and I was bathed in its warmth. I had reached level 25. This leveling speed was so terrifying, but there was still a gap to being first in the server. Thus, I asked Ah Fei, "Ah Fei what's the highest level in the server?"

"I don't know."

He smiled. "I can only lookat Linchen County's Leaderboard."

"Take a screenshot for me."


A few seconds later, the Leaderboard of Linchen County was sent to me—

1. Lin Xi Level 28 Trainee Warrior

2. Feng Canghai Level 28 Trainee Warrior

3. Mars River Level 27 Trainee Mage

4. Old Mountain Level 27 Trainee Archer

5. Breaking Dawn Ash Level 27 Trainee Warrior

6. Bright Moon Level 26 Trainee Archer

7. Breaking Dawn Destruction Level 26 Trainee Assassin

8. Breaking Dawn Fate Level 26 Trainee Priest

9. Dragon Grievances Level 26 Trainee Mage

10. Wine and Poems Level 26 Trainee Warrior


After looking at the rankings, I took a deep breath. The path ahead was long. I did not expect that there would be two level 28 players on this server. How many days had it been since the servers opened?

One was Lin Xi and another was the famous Feng Canghai. Feng Canghai was the leader of Elements, a guild listed as first rate. His name was written in huge font in the first magazine, and it was said that he was the heir to Q-Sword and inherited his strength. In the later parts of Destiny, he led Elements to charge ahead. Now, all of them had turned to this game, Illusionary Moon. After Li Xiao Yao, Fang Ge Que, and Q-Sword left, this person started to look like the best in the server.

Who knew that I would be in Linchen County along with him?

As for those behind, Mars River and Old Mountain were all his elders and core members. Next were those from Breaking Dawn as well as Dragon Alliance's Dragon Grievances. As for Wine and Poems, I did not know him. Maybe he was a smurf account or he was a black horse.

Anyway, if I wanted to complete the Achievement System's quest, I had to get to the top in Linchen County and then try for first in the entire server. Who knew how long that process would take and who knew whether or not it was achievable?

Forget it.Kill mobs for now.

At least, with my current speed, I was definitely fast. As for whether or not I could get first, that was up to fate; it was not something I could control.

Ah Fei smiled, "Why, you wanna try to get up the Leaderboard?"

"I was just casually asking and scouting my competitions. It's good to know more; don't think too much about it."

"Hahaha! You don't have that ability. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai are all leveling too quickly. They are monsters; I really can't imagine how they are leveling."

"Train well.We only want to get rich and don't have to rule the world."

"En, that's right."

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