Chapter 27- Snakebone Blade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 27- Snakebone Blade

Zi zi zi...

The earth essence ice crystals, which had formed around my body, started to break apart. That lightning sword energy seemed indestructible and stabbed right at the essence. It was just an inch from my glabella!

At that moment, the crystals could not support it anymore.


After a loud explosion, the crystals exploded and my body was freed. I stumbled backward and the pond water started splashing. I used the Water Pattern Dagger in my right hand to block the attack and sparks instantly flew. A heavy power came from his blade. I was unable to block it cleanly and fell. At the same time, I lost 1842 Health with only a little bit remaining!


The teen held his blade and lightning wrapped around him. He was like a war god, his eyes filled with shock. "A Body Refining Realm undead cultivator actually managed to block one of my swords?"

I retreated. At that moment, I saw the name on his head

Lei Ling (Growth-type Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: A human kid who was born under lightning. After getting killed when he was young, his body revived in the Land of Reincarnation and he joined Zhuang Huai Shui to become the strongest outer location disciple.


Zhuang Huai Shui's disciple?

I frowned. "You want to kill me?"

He smiled, his eyes brimming with confidence. "Is someone like you worthy of occupying the Wind Cloud Platform? Are you worthy of cultivating in the Earth Essence Spirit Pond? Hahaha!You definitely snuck in when Lady Yun Yue wasn't paying attention. Boy, you broke Black Castle's rules so dying ten thousand times isn’t enough."

"Nonsense!"I said coldly. "Lady Yun Yue brought me in."

"Do you think I would believe you? Prepare to die!"

He flew over once more and his blade chopped down.

I saw through it and knew that, if I took this head on, I would die. After all, I had less than 30% health left. Thus, the moment it slashed down, I made use of my strong agility to dodge it. At the same time, I employed Gouge and sent him into a stunned state.

"You’re asking for death!"

His recovery was too quick and he broke out of that state in the blink of an eye. He hollered as he charged at me.


I formed a cross with my daggers to block him, and it felt as if my body had hit a mountain. A loud explosion from behind shook me and I smacked into the stone pillar, causing dust to fall off. After suffering that kick, my health was near the bottom and I had only 51 points left. A soft touch and I would die!


Lei Ling hollered and his blade struck like the wind. It was too quick and I could not dodge at all.


Right when I was filled with despair, a white palm landed from above and smashed his sword aside. Shortly after, Yun Yue descended. She grabbed Lei Ling's neck and held him up. She asked coldly, "You want to kill someone on my territory? Lei Ling, you are really disrespecting my Blood Pond!"

"Yun... Lady Yun Yue!"Lei Ling was furious. "This kid snuck in here.He’s stealing our Black Castle's spiritual energy. Am I wrong for doing this?"

"I brought him in."Yun Yue smiled coldly. "Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. Scram. I will let you live because of Zhuang Huai Shui. Don't step into Blood Pond ever again or I will kill you!"

As she said that, she tossed him out. He broke layers of the World Ender Formation and one could hear his screams from outside.

"Are you okay?" She looked at me.


I shook my head; my mind was still in a mess.

"Since your body has been formed, leave the Blood Pond.Your cultivation this time has ended."



I exited the Blood Pond and returned to Wind Cloud Platform.

On the way, I still had many questions, so I summoned the system elf. In the next second, her petite figure appeared in front of me. "Master, you haven't called Little Shu for some time.What can I do for you?"

I asked seriously, "Target of Extinction, what does that mean?"

"Target of Extinction?"

She was stunned and gnashed her teeth. "Master, someone tried to kill you?"

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

She elaborated. "Master, you are a player with a hidden race and have the strong Shura bloodline. You are also a part of Black Castle. To you, Black Castle is a storyline and also what gives you power in the game. Here, different from normal players, you have your role to play. So-called ‘Target of Extinction’ means that, if you are successfully killed by that person, your character will be deleted."


My heart went cold and I felt really scared. If this was the case, then it was not a simple drop of level; instead, my account would be forcefully wiped out. All my hard work would go to waste. That was so vicious. Lei Ling was Zhuang Huai Shui's disciple, so Zhuang Huai Shui really wanted to kill me?


I clenched my fists.

The system fairy gritted her teeth. "Master, you must work hard. Black Castle has many opportunities, but there are many dangers, too. You must survive so that you can obtain better growth!"

"I understand."I nodded my head. "Little Shu, you treat me well... You don't feel like a normal system elf."

Her face flushed red. "Master treats me well, so naturally I will, too!"

"Cough cough..."

I talked to her for a while before I recalled her and headed to Wind Cloud Platform.

I walked up and said, "Master, are you there?"


Ding Heng's body formed above and spoke. "Kid, why did you come find me?"

"Earlier, when I was forming my body in the Earth Essence Pool, someone tried to kill me!"


"Lei Ling."

"Huff!" Ding Heng frowned. "It seems like Lady Yun Yue helped you out? With your current strength, you wouldn't be able to escape from Lei Ling."


"It seems like those from the Land of Reincarnation are targeting you"—he held his hands behind his back—"but I can only warn them, not do anything. Black Castle follows the law of the jungle; only when you are strong enough to stop them from targeting you can it all end. That’s why, unless elders attack you, I can't do anything. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I was slightly disappointed.

Ding Heng thought about what I hadsaid moments prior and asked, "Wait, you said... Lady Yun Yue brought you into the Earth Essence Pool?"

"Yes, why?"

"That’s great!"

He was really happy. "I thought you got a chance to cultivate in the Blood Pond but didn't expect her to bring you to the Earth Essence Pool. The Earth Essence Pool has pure earth essence and is best at letting one cultivate life essence; it isn't something that the Blood Pond can compare to. Seems like after you form your body, its strength will far exceed that of others. Therefore, cultivate well and don't disappoint me."

"Yes, master!"

I nodded my head and looked at myself from another camera angle. I was not a Skeleton anymore and now had smooth skin. In terms of looks, I was similar to real life. My glabella had a red mark, who knew if it was the mark of the Shura race? Anyway, I looked more and more like a proper human being.


After saying goodbye to my master, it was time to exchange for some equipment!

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Precious Treasure Pavilion.People walked to and fro.

When I stepped into the pavilion once more, I was no longer the center of attention. My outfit was no different from the young undead cultivators here, but some still recognized my ID. One tapped my shoulder and laughed. "July Wildfire, you actually entered the Body Refining Realm so fast!"

I did not even need to think and knew right away.

"Two Balls, smack me softer." I rubbed my shoulder and smiled.

This time, he did not get angry and just laughed again. "Right, not long ago, I heard that the Land of Reincarnation's Lei Ling attacked and nearly killed you."


"That jerk. It’s actually true." He clenched his fists. "How arrogant.That guy is always jealous of skilled people. Zhuang Huai Shui is also such a jerk; you need to be careful."

"I know.Thank you."

I nodded my head and smiled. I turned around and talked to the attendant before starting to pick equipment. I was already level 21, so there was more equipment for me to choose from. Moreover, I still had not used the 3000 points I obtained from the Wind Cloud Platform’s trial.

I looked at the equipment list and was attracted by one of the short blades. Moreover, it seemed like the only equipment that did not shine green—

<Snakebone Blade> (Rare)

Attack: 28-45

Agility: +18

Stamina: +16

Required level: 20

Contribution points needed: 1800


Blue equipment! This was actually blue equipment!

I was delighted and my heart accelerated. Current players did not even have a chance to come into contact with blue equipment as only Rare Bosses could drop it, so up until now, no one had seen it and no blue equipment had appeared on the forums. I was actually able to see it in this Precious Treasure Pavilion.What fate!

I suppressed my joy and exchanged for it. With a smack, the blood Snakebone Blade lay in my bag. My mood was indescribable. All players were chasing for green-colored Strong and Excellent equipment, but I already had a blue dagger!

I equipped it right away and instantly my Attack and Combat strength both jumped!

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 21

Attack: 93-133

Defense: 108

Health: 2870

Critical Strike: 1.21%

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 1989

Combat strength: 234


Continueto look for other treasures! Not long after, my eyes landed on a dark green helmet. Although the color did not fit, the stats were really decent—

<Forest Leader Helmet> (Excellent)

Type: Leather Armor

Defense: 25

Stamina: +15

Required level: 20

Contribution points required: 400

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