Chapter 16- Mother Hunter's Edge
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Zhan Yue Chapter 16- Mother Hunter's Edge

"What do you wanna do?" I glanced at him.

"Punch that guy.What else should I do?" He glared. "Are we people to be bullied like that?"

"If you win, you'll end up in jail, and if you lose, you'll end up in hospital," I said calmly.

A few seconds later, he touched his nose. "That really makes sense..."

I laughed. "Okay.They just scolded you a little. Plus, if we follow our set path, you'll definitely get scolded a lot. Who'd be willing to see a small Mage like you snatching kills? Anyway, you'll become a hot topic and this is the price that you must pay. You should be careful when you are out leveling."

"D*mn..."He frowned. "Although I feel that I am skilled, I can't fight the world.What if I get surrounded? Can you turn back into a player in the future?"

"Logically speaking, yes, but I don't have much confidence. I'm cultivating with my master. This game background is really interesting and it feels real."

"Of course.Otherwise, Illusionary Moon couldn't have gotten so big. The helmet sales took up 70% of the market."

"Don't think so much.Cheers."

"Cheers, cheers."

The few students behind us were still chatting. One of them with a center parting ate while smiling. "Speaking of which, our beginner village Bosses are a little weird. My high school friends at Yangzhou and Zhun An didn't face such a situation. Their Bosses were killed within thirty minutes, whereas ours massacred the players in that time. It's really weird."


A student with a face full of acne gulped down a cup of wine and spoke. "Even Breaking Dawncouldn't do anything about that Spirit World Patroller. Based on what the people there said, Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Ash were both killed right away. That's just too terrifying. Who are they? Founders of Breaking Dawn. Moreover, Breaking Dawn is just one step away from becoming a first-rate guild. They could even match with Legend's Xuan Yuan Feng and Lu Chunyang, but when facing the Spirit World Patroller, they were actually killed like pigs. There are videos of them being insta-killed."

The student with the center parting nodded. "Right, I heard someone say that the Spirit World Patroller had an overpowered skill called Hunter's Edge. Many people complained to Illusionary Moon about that skill and said that it's not like a Hunter's Edge but more like a ‘Mother Killer's Edge'!"


I spat a mouthful of beer and caused them to look over.

Ah Fei laughed. "Nothing, nothing.My brother just choked."


The students laughed and the guy with the acne continued. "Anyway, it’s a Mother Killer's Edge. I saw it on the forums and many people said that the Spirit World Patroller was just too strong. He ran around with two daggers. How was it a patroller?He's more like a hunter of Breaking Dawn, Dragon Alliance, and Flame Slayers; he was just too terrifying..."

"Vulgar, vulgar!"

"Right, it's really vulgar, but it makes sense. Renaming that skill will make it sound closer to the truth. In fact, if there hadn't been so many people in Zombie Valley, that Boss would've killed everyone from Breaking Dawn. Even Breaking Dawn Destruction and Breaking Dawn Fate wouldn't have survived..."

"Probably." The guy with the center parting concurred. "Breaking Dawn Fate, that woman... Amazing. I met her once in the beginner village, and she's just too beautiful. Such a beauty, I've never seen one in the entire school."


The guy with acne smiled coldly. "Breaking Dawn Fate is just a beauty, but she isn't top rate. If we talk about the top beauty in Illusionary Moon, it has to be Lin Xi.

"After Lin Wan Er retired, she's the publicly admitted top beauty and also one of the strongest female players. She's both looks and skills, but.. I heard that she's really close to Feng Canghai from Elements, and they might be dating.What a waste..."

"What do you mean by a waste?Whether or not she’s close to Feng Canghai has nothing to do with you, anyway."

"That's right; she wouldn't even bother looking at you."

"D*mn!Can all of you stop talking and just eat? Let's go back and sleep. We have class tomorrow.Don't forget: I am your dorm head."

"Hahaha!Abusing your power. If you continue for a few years, you probably won't care about the faculty dean!"

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I ate the mantou while listening to them talk. It was good to understand things about people in the game. I asked, "Ah Fei, do you know who Lin Xi is?"

"I know her, but she doesn't know me."

Ah Fei smiled. "D*mn, she’s one of the strongest players, one of the top ten Warriors. She challenged Li Xiao Yao before. Who am I? Old Han definitely knew her because he fought her before."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Less than 30% victory rate," he said.

I was shocked. Although I was the head analyst of Destiny Corporation, most of my time was spent on data and I knew little about the people ingame. Nonetheless, since Han Yixiao was close to me, I paid some attention. In the later parts of Destiny, Han Yixiao joined Legend and was among the top experts under Fang Ge Que. Who knew that he only had less than a 30% winning rate against Lin Xi?

"Why, you don't know Lin Xi?" Ah Fei asked.

"I’ve heard of her, but I don't know much."I smiled. "Forget it.She’s already one of the strongest players, while we are just small people hoping to make a name. We may not meet, so there’s no need to know about her."

"En, that makes sense..."Ah Fei smiled. "Such a woman only looks up, so there’s really no need to know her."

"Right, let's just focus on the current situation. You need to level up and increase your magic damage so that you can kill me quicker. Also, increase your self-protection ability. I will train my hidden job more diligently. At least, we'll be able to earn money easily to survive in the game."

"Of course," he said confidently. "Just from what we can sell today, it'll be enough for us to eat for a week. Once your level is higher, we'll only earn more. Speaking of which, Ah Li, do you really have no money at all?"


I nodded, taking out my phone and opening my virtual wallet. "Look, I only have 100 in my WeChat; this is the last bit of money I have."

"D*mn... What about your car? What about your white R8?Wasn't it really cool?"

"It’s parked at home."

"Why is it at home?Drive it out. If you don't want to, then I will drive it.That is so good at getting chicks..."

"No, no."I waved my hands. "After I quit, my dad and I have stopped speaking to each other. If I were to go and drive the car, he'd definitely scold and beat me up. He doesn't wanna see me, and likewise, so let's just not forget it."

"I don't understand you." He frowned. "In any case, we’ve been brothers for so many years. From small till now, I have never seen you need money. Still, Old Han and I never know nothing about what your family does for a living. Is it something that can't be revealed?"

"What could it be?"I was helpless. "Do I look like I’m the son of some huge figure?"

"No..."He shook his head and laughed. "Forget it.Before you find a job, I will raise you."

"Then all the best as I won't be looking for a job in the meantime."


"Right, Ah Fei, how is your financial situation?"

"Barely going good. My father's factory closed, so this year he played stocks and lost a few hundred thousand. Apart from me going to work, he gives me 10,000 allowance."

"D*mn... Rich son!"

"Rich your head. I drive a second-hand Audi, while you drive a two million car. Who is the rich son?!"

"Now, you are one to speak? At most, I will lend you that car for a period."

"At least, half a year."

"Okay.Anyway, I have three more."



At around 1, we became full.

"Are we still going online?" Ah Fei asked.

"No, bathe and sleep. Tomorrow, let's wait early to fight."


I bathed and slept. When I was lying in bed, I found it hard to fall asleep. The system sound from Hunter's Edge rang in my ears as if I were under a spell. Although I was one of the designers of Illusionary Moon, now that I was experiencing it for myself, I could actually feel the true charm of the game. No wonder the moment it went online, it took control of the entire VR market.

Just like that, I tossed and turned until three before I could fall asleep.


The next day, I struggled to wake up.

I looked at my phone and saw that it was already nine. The glaring sunlight pierced through the curtains. I pulled the curtains, but it was useless and I could not block it totally. Ah Fei's curtains were really stubborn, with the middle portion having turned old.


The door opened and Ah Fei walked in. He placed a plastic bag on the table and said, "You aren't up yet? I brought your breakfast consisting of soy milk and some biscuits. Quickly come online.My party has been contacting me for some time."

"En, remember to store the equipment and don't get killed."

"I know!"

I got up, washed up, ate breakfast, and went online.



I appeared on Wind Cloud Platform and was still a small Skeleton, but after the killing in Zombie Valley, I was now level 13. Moreover, the experience was solely from killing players. Who knew how many players I killed? Anyway,when I recalled it, there was only a bloodstorm.

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