Chapter 11- Spirit World Patroller
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Zhan Yue Chapter 11- Spirit World Patroller

A blood-colored light wrapped around me. In the next moment, my body changed once more. A red leather armor covered my ribs and bracers and gloves appeared on my hands. The Water Pattern Dagger’s design started to change, turning into a curved dragontooth-shaped dagger. The blood-colored capebehind me danced in the wind. My face was covered and death laws surged around me, such that one could not see what I looked like.

At this moment, the current me was just so handsome!


[System notification: Congratulations for transforming into a Spirit World Patroller (Elite Boss)!Please choose the beginner village that you would like to descend to.]

Naturally, I chose Autumn Moon Village once more!

In the next second, my body charged up as I turned into a white light that streaked across the sky. I looked down from above. Below Wind Cloud Platform, numerous Soul Refining Furnaces were active. Behind Reincarnation Valley were many majestic halls and buildings built against the mountain. The place was like a darkness region connecting the mountain body. It also looked like a fortress and was truly where Black Castle was at!

Until this point, I had only been on the outside.

For some reason, I actually craved for Black Castle. One day, I would step into that castle and take a look!


Just as I was thinking of that, my body fell. I smashed into a valley. There were no players around, only a bunch of shocked Zombies. They were level 15 and I was their boss, a Spirit World Patroller who held two daggers.

"Wu wu..."

The bunch of Zombies looked at me and made sounds, which I could not understand. It was as if they were trying to communicate with me.

"Shut up! So noisy!" I said seriously. It turned out that I could notform any coherent words, too, and anything I said would come out as random noises.

Instantly, the zombies lowered their heads and they did not dare to say anything else.

Right at that moment, a bell rang above Autumn Moon Village. Finally, the notification came—


[System notification: Players, please pay attention; a Spirit World Patroller (Elite Boss) has brought huge treasures and entered Autumn Moon Village's Zombie Valley map. Courageous warriors, please head over to help the human race kill the demon!]

This map was called Zombie Valley, huh!

I frowned and opened the system map, looking down at it. Only one entrance could be found in the east, and it was where Autumn Moon Village was. The map was huge, with a high spawn rate for zombies. The entire map was filled with death energy, and there did not seem to be any signs of life at all. Even the stones were red.

If large batches of players entered this map, I would not have a chance to flee at all. Based on the system rules, I could not leave the map, either; otherwise, that would be overpowered. My biggest strength was my job. As an Assassin Boss, I had the ability to flee.

"I... am here again!"

Ah Fei's excited laughter came from beside. "Ah Fei, there’s a new Boss in the beginner village. This time, it is a level 15 Elite Boss, Spirit World Patroller; his name is quite handsome!"

"Haha..."I smiled. "Ah Fei, are you going?"

"I don't know..." he replied. "Zombie Valley is quite high level. I heard that there are level 15 mobs. Those players who can go there are all high level. I shall take a look. If my friends are willing to go, then we shall go together. What if we manage to win? Doesn't that make sense!"


I had an idea. "If you want to come, then tell me."

"En.Why, you want to get the first kill in Zombie Valley, too? Didn't you tell me that you can't come out?"

"I’m just asking; I really can't join a party with you now."

"Okay, I really don't know what you are planning."

"Haha!You will find out in the future. If I tell you now, I feel like it will be pointless."

"Okay, dumbass Li!"

"#@*@#[email protected]!"

"Hahaha~Are you going to eat supper?"

"Let's wait until the Spirit World Patroller is finished?"

"Okay,let's go get skewers!"



Zombie Valley.A cold breeze blew across, and it seemed cold and sinister.

A bunch of Zombies roamed freely within it. I spent a long time in Stealth mode as I sat on a stone like a dumb kid. I waited for the first batch of adventurers to arrive. If they came, then I would be able to earn contribution points.

"Ah Li."

Ah Fei said, "My party decided to head to Zombie Valley. Pretty much all level 10 and above parties have decided to go, in fact. I’ve seen many level 13 to 14 parties, too, and their levelling speed is so terrifying. It’s just the first day, yet they’re already level 15.People are really sick!"

I laughed. "They are talented and also willing to train; it is normal that their level is high, unlike you, whose training is just a sub-goal, with flirting and finding girls as the main priority. If I’m not mistaken, there should be a beautiful girl in your party now, right?"

"H-Hahahaha! I find it pointless for you to expose me each time!"

"Cough cough..."

I said solemnly, "Ah Fei, we really wanna do something huge in Illusionary Moon, so please spend more effort on the game instead of girls. If we can really do something, but because of you we end up in trouble, won't we get a bad reputation, instead?"

This time, Ah Fei did not argue with me, andhis voice was really solemn when he finally spoke. "Ah Li, don't worry; When Old Han left, you’re my sole good brother. I will remember what you’ve just said."

"En, that's good.Work hard!"

"En, work hard!"


Not long after, shuffling could be heard at the east entrance. Very quickly, many bright skill lights rose. Someone was finally here!

I held the daggers and my body hid in the dark sky. I flew to the entrance and stooped on an old tree. I quietly watched what was occurring at the entrance.

At that moment, a roughly twenty-over-party party appeared at the valley entrance and proceeded to clearout the level 15 Zombies in the vicinity. The one at the front was a level 13 Paladin. He had a white sword in his right hand and a light-green-colored shield in his left. It was Strong grade! At the current stage, such equipment was just too rare.

Thisplayer should be the head, with the party leader emblem hovering over on his head. He killed mobs while smiling. "Push forward. I will be the tank. Priests, remember to heal me; the backline, just deal damage. This Strong-grade shield is so good to use—hahaha!—and a great mob killing equipment, too, allowing me to reduce damage by 50%!"

Not far from him, a level 12 Mage smiled. "Boss, your 300 dollars wasn't wasted, right?"

"Definitely not!"The Paladin led the way as he smiled brightly. "This is so worth the money spent. If we can destroy that Boss, I will probably become the first person in Autumn Moon Village to reach level 15. Hehehe!We will be one step closer to starting our guild and becoming famous."

"En, push forwardand let's find the Boss first. More and more people are coming!"

"Right, speed up. Wipe out the Zombies at the entrance and clear a path in!"


I watched them from my location. After confirming that no other players were entering, I decided to attack. I was not worried much now. Although they were strong, they posed no threat to me. Especially with my White Cloak, I could choose to go into stealth and retreat. They could not threaten me at all.


I floated down from the tree like a leaf. Invisible, I drew near them. My target was their party leader, that Paladin with the Strong-grade shield. I had to insta-kill him before dealing with the rest. Otherwise, this level 13 would be quite a problem.

I tried to be really quiet. I stepped onto the decomposing leaves and pushed forwardwhile they killed mobs. A few seconds later, I was behind the Paladin. At that moment, he was using the Judgement skill to hit mobs. The buff from his Toughness skill was also wearing off. Based on Illusionary Moon’s rules, once a passive skill like Toughness dissipated, it would take several seconds to recharge. Hence, the moment it broke down would be my time to attack!

"Wu wu wu~"

The two Zombies used their heads and arms to hit the Paladin's Strong-rade shield while moaning at me who was behind him. The wind mixed into their low cries, and this time I was actually able to understand what they were saying, "Boss, what are you doing? Why aren't you attacking?"

I also shouted, "Continue fighting; stop making noise!"

Thus, they continued to attack. At the same time, under the attacks of the Archers and Mages, their arms and heads were about to be shattered!

Finally, the Paladin's skin layer made a rustling sound, akin to thin layers of sand breaking down!


I shouted inwardly, waving the Water Pattern Dagger in my hand as I used a basic-attack-plus-Backstab-plus-basic-attack trifecta assault. Instantly, damage numbers popped out—


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Damage of 2000 points exploded right away. Even if one had a Strong-grade shield, a level 13 playercould not handle such a wave of damage, so this party leader now was instantly killed!


Behind me, a Priest, who had been preparing to heal their leader, was shocked. "Our leader's Health instantly emptied. D*mn, it’s the Boss; he’s ambushing us!"

"D*mn, the Spirit World Patroller is here!"

The bunch of them shouted.

The deputy party leader turned into their de facto leader. A Warrior, he charged forwardwith a sword in his hands. Hesaid, "Don't panic. Heavy-armored members, charge; DPS, continue to damage. Let's take him down!"

"Attack!"A bunch of them quickly calmed down.

At that moment, I charged at them, backed by my frighteningly fast speed. In the next second, I reached the few Archers, Elemental Mages, and Priests. The Water Pattern Dagger shone brightly as I used the skill, Hunter's Edge!

Peng peng peng!

Three successive blows!

The first damage had to do with my Attack stat, the second with Agility, and the third with Critical Strike. Three damage notifications appeared above his head!





Everyone was shocked.


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