Chapter 200: Observations in the Library
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 200: Observations in the Library

When Dennis reached the first floor, he noticed that there were more third-class citizens here, and their clothes were much more respectable than his. However, the decor on this level was not as exquisite as the one upstairs.

The shelves were covered in dust, and all the windows and doors around were open. Vehicles and pedestrians passed by at all times, making it impossible to concentrate.

In A-series rules, there was a rule that lower-class citizens could not gather in enclosed spaces, so the first floor was designed to be semi-open.

Dennis took a closer look at the clothing of these third-class citizens. They all wore special badges, each representing the name of a first-class citizen.

This was stipulated in C-series rules.

Once you became a first-class citizen, you had the right to employ third-class citizens as your servants, but you were also responsible for their food, clothing, shelter, and even their sentences.

Those badges were proof of their servant status.

The janitors on the first floor did their cleaning perfunctorily, and the second-class citizens hardly ever came here to organize the books, so the task of tidying up the books also fell to the janitors.

The books on the shelves were misaligned and the pages were worn and dirty, yet many people still came to borrow them back and forth.

Dennis randomly picked up a book and flipped through it.

<He created intelligent robots, it was he who ushered the Wapeng into the era of smart technology.>

<The citizen hierarchy system is the backbone of the Wapeng>

<Dedicate everything for the Wapeng.>

The books repeatedly mentioned a person named Constantine.

He was a billionaire whose family's daily income was equivalent to the whole Wapeng's monthly fiscal revenue in the past.

The book said he started by mining and set up an investment company. During the economic depression, Constantine decisively invested all his wealth in the development of intelligent robots.

Today, all of the Wapeng's intelligent robots were researched by Constantine.

The success of smart tec

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