Chapter 17 Angel? Devil? (2)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 17 Angel? Devil? (2)

(Little girl: How did you know?)

(You: Never mind that, just eat if you want to.)

(Little girl: You must have the ability to predict the future, right?)

(You: Not really, I just guessed that you like to eat lamb kidneys.)

(Little girl: So you have mind-reading abilities, right? Then tell me, what am I thinking right now? If you answer correctly, I'll give you a reward, but if you're wrong, I'll dig your brain out and put it in a hotpot.)

(You feel a chill down your spine.)

(Little girl: Hurry up and answer!)

(The girl begins to reveal her true colors.)

(You: Are you thinking about how to eat my brain?)

(Little girl: You guessed wrong!)

(The girl opens her mouth wide and bites towards your neck.)

(You stop the deduction!)

Damn it!

Too hasty!

Gu Yi shook his head. He didn't expect even after predicting the plot in advance. Not only did he fail to seize the opportunity, but he also ended up shooting himself in the foot.

No, this is not the correct way to clear the task.

Start over.

(Deduction begins!)

(You take the task, discard the offal in the kitchen, and arrange the shop owner to buy as many lamb kidneys as possible.)

(You take the little girl to play in the backyard.)

(You obey the little girl's every word.)

(The little girl is having a great time.)

(Little girl: I smell the aroma of barbecue. I want to eat lamb kidneys.)

(You: I'll get it for you right away.)

(You go to the door and receive the lamb kidneys from the shop owner.)

(You hand it to the little girl.)

(The little girl eats one after another, but can't eat anymore after two skewers.)

(Little girl: You can eat the rest.)

(You do as she says.)

(Little girl: It's so boring, why don't we play...)

(You: If you think it's boring, how about I do some magic tricks for you?)

(Little girl: Yes!)

(You perform a magic trick where you make your finger go through your ear, and the little girl gets excited and begs you to tell her the trick's secret.)

(You patiently explain it to her.)

(Little girl: I think doing magic tricks is bori

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