Chapter 121: Mob Mentality (5)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 121: Mob Mentality (5)


Gu Yi jumped into the water.

"What's that kid doing?"

"Oh my God, he really jumped in!"

Members of the strategy team watched the screen. Gu Yi sank like a stone to the bottom of the water and didn't resurface for quite some time.

"Why are you all panicking?" Qu Kangping said, with a cigarette in his mouth and smoke obscuring his face. "Gu Yi grew up by the river. Do you really think he'd drown? This is his tactic. Just wait and see."

"The current is so fast. Even if Gu Yi is a good swimmer, he might not survive!"

"What does it matter? Have you forgotten the test rules? This is a dream simulation. Whatever happens during the test won't affect reality. Gu Yi would only do this if he was sure of himself."

"Do you remember one of the rules written for the exam?

'Please answer using a black ink pen or fountain pen. If neither works, please use fresh blood.'

Both Chris and Gu Yi understood the hint in the rules. 'Use fresh blood' means one can kill. But while Chris chose to kill others, Gu Yi chose to kill himself."

Qu Kangping snuffed out his cigarette and continued to stare at the screen.

The camera was still focused on the turbulent river. Many passersby quickly called the police for help.

However, the online hate didn't stop.

[Gu Yi is just showing off, right? I remember he knows how to swim.]

[He's really committing to this act, huh?]

[Can you guys above show some decency? He's been in the water for so long and hasn't been rescued. I hope he's okay.]

[If Gu Yi dies, all of you engaging in this online attack are accomplices.]

[Gu Yi was willing to prove his innocence by risking his life, and you're here making sarcastic remarks? Are you even human? To the girl who spread the rumor, Gu Yi dared to risk his life to prove his innocence, would you?]

Seeing the situation deteriorating, the girl who made the original post deleted it overnight.

However, the angry netizens were far from satisfied.

Overnight, the forum of Wapeng University was bombarded by netizens from various websites. All of th

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