Chapter 96 - Werewolves*
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Underworld Player Chapter 96 - Werewolves*

As Bai Zhi reached his grand conclusion, he noticed Temperance Gentleheart furtively scooting backward several meters.

"Why are you running? If I wanted you dead, there's countless ways I could get it done."

Bai Zhi rolled his eyes at her.

"Believe it or not, I could even, in complete secret, sell you off, and still have you happily counting the take for me."

"...I'm not that dumb." Temperance Gentleheart still looked irritated, but reluctantly came closer.

"Don't joke about this kind of thing, man... I mean, you're talking about planning our death..."

Bai Zhi glanced coolly at her. "Hmm, but I wasn't joking, though."

Reaching into his Inventory for another snack, Bai Zhi brought out an apple and began to eat it as he spoke languidly.

"All the clues I've gathered tell me that there's a 90% chance that, during the last round, I caused all of your deaths, and intentionally, too."

Temperance Gentleheart could not believe her ears. As she contemplated running away using her skill, Bai Zhi spoke again in that light, airy tone of his.

"It would not be reasonable to expect that I was the only one out of the whole team to survive. Even if I could not guarantee the whole team's safety, I'm sure I could save one or two. So, what reason could I have had for orchestrating a team wipe, then move on to the next reload on my own?"

"...Could it be that we were almost all dead, so you decided to... start over and save us all in the next reload?" Temperance Gentleheart suggested, tentatively.

"It's possible, but hardly probable."

Bai Zhi looked doubtful.

"I reckon a reload happens automatically as soon as over half the team dies. Even before the last reload, it must have happened at least once before, so even if I really meant to activate the next reload to try and save everyone, I didn't need to be the sole survivor."

The information overload was turning her brain to mush, and Temperance Gentleheart suddenly felt her head start to hurt.

"Uh… so, the reason was…?"

"My reason? Probably a traitor in the ranks."

Bai Z

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Translator Notes

*Party game, similar to Mafia.

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