Chapter 94 - A Problem with the Timeline
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Underworld Player Chapter 94 - A Problem with the Timeline

Main Hall, first floor of the orphanage.

"The muscle mass is completely gone! The only way to get it back is prolonged training or buying some healing items from the Auction," observed Daoloth as she helped Iron Blood bandage his arm.

"Just a flesh wound," Iron Blood replied stoically, then moved to inspect the corpse presently hanging in the stairwell.

This enemy, which was immune to all attacks and able to absorb the flesh of its attackers to regenerate its own, was a formidable foe to tackle head-on, but far from invincible, so long as one knew what rules it followed and what its weaknesses were.

In this case, the trick was to hang it back up by its intestines once more, which Iron Blood and Daoloth had achieved, with some difficulty. Iron Blood had suffered the brunt of the damage, and as a result, his right arm had been rendered useless for the time being.

The solution was fairly obvious, in hindsight, since they had come across the corpse in that very state—suspended in midair by its own intestines. It wasn't until Iron Blood sliced through the intestines that the body had come to life.

...One could say this was a case of breaking the foe's shield with their own spear, perhaps.

This time, when they doused the intestine-bound body with gasoline and set it on fire, the once-impervious corpse that could instantly regenerate from any injury was soon burnt to a pile of ash.

[ One secret source of strange activity neutralized ]

The familiar notification from the system popped up for the fourth time.

Daoloth peered up the stairwell for a moment before turning to Iron Blood. "What now? Douchey is probably on his way to the sixth floor."

Iron Blood shook his head. "Leave him be. We need to finish investigating the second floor." Despite his right arm dangling limply by his side, he seemed more determined than ever as he began climbing the stairs.

"Two more sources to neutralize, no time to wa—"

Before he could finish his sentence, another notification popped up before them.

[ One secret source of strange activity neut

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Translator Notes

*ZMG in raw, but the initials don't translate. I have chosen to retain the meaning instead. 
**Moe (mo-ay) is a Japanese slang term used to refer to feelings of affection toward a character or some similar object. Gap-moe is an archetype, used to group certain characters which are appealing to those that enjoy them for displaying behavior or a personality opposite to that which one might expect them to be on the surface. For example, Inosuke from Demon Slayer is considered a gap-moe character because they have a face that is portrayed as being extremely attractive, but instead of the polite, refined character usually associated with such features, their personality is brash and violent, hence the "gap".
***Literal translation would have been "the resentment they bear is so great they can't stand being under the same sky (as you)" but I felt it was too awkward.

Novel Notes

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