Chapter 33 - Easy-Peasy
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Underworld Player Chapter 33 - Easy-Peasy

The raging storm continued unabated. Inside an abandoned villa deep in the mountains, flickering flames danced to an unheard beat while the mouthwatering fragrance of grilled meat filled the air.

"What do you mean you've connected the dots?!"

Upon hearing Bai Zhi's announcement, Mustachio widened his eyes and turned his full attention to Bai Zhi, just as Temperance Gentleheart and Late Night Kitty were doing.

"I solved the puzzle of the Newbie Run."

Bai Zhi put his basting brush away and looked at the party.

"It's something I've been asking myself from the beginning, 'what is the point of Newbie Runs?' Is it just a simple adventure with no deeper meaning? Or a test to find those worthy of the title of Player?

"A test?" Temperance Gentleheart stiffened slightly.

"That's right." Bai Zhi shot her a scathing look. "Don't you think you've learned many invaluable lessons from this Newbie Run?

"Late Night Kitty might be a scaredy-cat, but it's not her fault she's useless. She isn't much help at all, but that's because she's stupid. Even though she reacts to trouble like an ostrich—by burying her head in the sand, at least she follows instructions well.

"You, on the other hand... look at the state you've got yourself into!"

"I can't tell if you're complimenting me, or..." said Late Night Kitty as she forced a tight smile.

"The ability to be careful, thorough and not miss a single detail, those are the first things we are being tested for in this quest, and will prove if we have what it takes to be Verified Players. However, it seems you have demonstrated none of that… Simply putting on a façade of polished elegance won't cut it." Bai Zhi continued, ignoring Kitty.

As she recalled the sobering memories of both times that she had been attacked by the spirit, Temperance Gentleheart fell silent.

"What about the second?" Mustachio blurted out as he stripped himself of his dripping-wet jacket before it started to chafe.

"Easy-peasy. Whether we have the courage to face the challenges ahead." Bai Zhi looked

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