Chapter 31 - Constitution of a Cripple
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Underworld Player Chapter 31 - Constitution of a Cripple

The abandoned villa deep in the mountains, in which the Players were trapped, consisted of three levels—two floors with rooms and the flat, open-air rooftop area.

Now that they understood the rules of the game, their search efforts proceeded at a much snappier pace than before.

In a breezy two hours, they swept the second floor and the rooftop. Every nook and cranny in the building was thoroughly inspected by the two teams, led by Bai Zhi and Mustachio, respectively.

Their search yielded several more body parts to add to the two they had already found—the head they had found in the refrigerator and the arm under the bed.

Nevertheless, when they reconvened in the living room on the first floor, they discovered that they were still one body part short of a full cadaver. The head, the torso, left leg, left arm, right leg, and... those were all the parts they managed to find. The missing right arm was nowhere to be seen.

After looking at each other for some minutes in awkward silence, it was Late Night Kitty who raised her hand and meekly offered a suggestion.

"Uh... Could our dead friend have been disabled before... you know? Maybe they lost an arm in a car accident, or... they were born a bit… disadvantaged?"

"Nonono, if we want to summon Exodia the Forbidden One, the Sealed Right Arm is absolutely necessary." Bai Zhi looked grave as he carefully lifted the lid on his cup ramen.

"Ex-who-dia? What are you talking— Hey! Where'd you get that cup ramen?!" Temperance Gentleheart had turned to find Bai Zhi coolly slicing some hot dogs into his noodle broth, and it was her turn to stare agog, just as Late Night Kitty had done earlier when he conjured up the popcorn.

"Using brainpower burns calories. I have a weak Constitution, so I need to replenish my energy regularly." said Bai Zhi calmly as he tapped the side of his head. "And Exodia the Forbidden One is a super-special win condition that can only be achieved if you collect five specific cards."

"If it's replenishing energy you want, you should be eating high-calorie foods like a nice chocolate—all this cheap swill contains is empty calories, how do you expect to replenish anything from it?!" Temperance Gentleheart exclaimed.

She was feeling quite distressed, not least because of the incident on the rooftop. While she and Mustachio had been conducting their search there, a bolt of lightning had lit up the sky at the worst possible time and caused her to clearly see her reflection in a nearby puddle of rainwater.

One of Mustachio's Bamboo Doll clones had taken the fatal hit, saving her life, but a new set of black finger markings had surfaced on her left calf. It was a chilling sight.

Meanwhile, the stubborn black markings that resisted any attempt to remove them were having other detrimental effects on her. For example, her Constitution stat, which had been 10, now showed the numbers 10 (-2)." The negative number was increasing at a steady rate of one point every hour.

If they did nothing to stop it, when the negative n

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