Chapter 29 - Perfectly Accurate Deductions, Guaranteed
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Underworld Player Chapter 29 - Perfectly Accurate Deductions, Guaranteed

Time passed, and with it went the rumbling sound of thunder. The rain, however, did not relent but fell with renewed vigor all around them.

It invaded the house through the broken window on the east side of the living room, the copious splashes of water mixing with the mysterious striped stains on the concrete wall and the grime on the floor to form repulsive rivulets that oozed everywhere.

"These markings..." Bai Zhi frowned as he observed the black, bruise-like markings on Temperance Gentleheart's neck under a flashlight.

Unlike Late Night Kitty who was as timid as she was petite, Temperance, who wore glasses and gave the impression of a well-read, refined lady, seemed to be made of stronger stuff. She remained calm and collected, despite getting attacked not long ago.

The portable speaker was still blaring.

The promise you made to me, so simple and free~

"I don't even know what happened. We were just looking around, and the next thing I knew, I was choking—I could have died if Mustachio hadn't gotten me to safety… Have you noticed anything?"

The earlier performance of deductive logic, delivered by this [ Black&White ] with no regard to the people present in the room, clearly marked him as someone on the wrong side of crazy. Nevertheless, he had managed to search his share of the house with a deadweight in tow, the deadweight being Late Night Kitty, and the thing that gave her away... was her white-knuckle grip on the portable speaker that was still blaring those upbeat tunes non-stop.

In short, despite his abrasive attitude, Temperance had significant confidence in Bai Zhi's abilities.

"Oh... Whaddayaknow, there does seem to be something..." Bai Zhi nodded firmly as he aimed the light away.

Spring blooms come and go, the autumn moon it glows~

"The supernatural entity that attacked you must be a male vengeful spirit."

"You figured that out just by observing the markings?" said Mustachio skeptically, his arms crossed. "I say it's a female spirit! Murder by strangulation is a woma

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