Chapter 150 - Dekan Appears to Have No Problems
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 150 - Dekan Appears to Have No Problems

"A tier 6 Shadow World, this could be a bit dangerous," seeing the information prompt before his eyes, Dekan stood in place and murmured. It was unknown if it was due to the discovery of his deception in the previous Shadow World or being targeted by the Shadow Worlds. Normally, as a tier 3, he shouldn't be able to appear in a tier 6 Shadow World. It could be said that the Shadow Worlds regarded him highly. Fortunately, this serene space should be relatively safe, more harmonious than the starting scenes of the previous two times.

He turned around and observed his surroundings. Strands of sunlight poured in through the window mullions, rendering the originally slightly dim interior of the building with its colorful stained glass vividly bright and dark. In the middle, various depictions of gods on crosses and towering walls created a feeling of being in a different world.

Dekan confirmed once again that he was in an exquisite and small but spacious church. However, this time, there was no one around him, not even Cornelia.

"Cornelia?" Dekan called out in a low voice, with a hint of probing. In this quiet and solemn church, even a slightly louder voice would echo. However, Dekan received no response for quite some time.

"This is really troublesome. How can I live without Cornelia?" Dekan held his head. After experiencing the previous two encounters with the Shadow Worlds, Dekan had gotten used to waking up and seeing Cornelia beside him. Now, not finding her instantly, Dekan felt a sudden sense of loneliness. The sense of safety and reassurance was gone.

Dekan didn't like Shadow Worlds with random starting points. Not only could he not quickly find Mauleon, but Cornelia was also missing. Moreover, Dekan couldn't help but worry. Would Cornelia be deceived? Would she have no money to eat? Would she be bullied? No, he had to go and find her quickly.

Dekan took slightly faster steps toward the exit of the church. Maybe Cornelia was just outside the church or not far away. Dekan was sure this was the first thing

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