Chapter 103 - Dekan Will Become The Biggest Unpredictable Factor
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 103 - Dekan Will Become The Biggest Unpredictable Factor

Inside a dim, ancient palace hall.

Surrounded by steep rocks, this was a place carved into the heart of a mountain.

Yet, no one would imagine that concealed in this place was a dilapidated temple.

On the stone walls hung clusters of lights, casting flickering shadows.

In the center of the temple, beside a massive stone conference table, scattered several people either standing or sitting.

Their attire appeared ordinary, some even dressed plainly like commoners.

However, when gathered here, each emitted a peculiar aura.

In the faint glow, their shadows stretched long.

Beneath the abyss-like darkness, their inexpressible natures seemed hidden.

Even the most ferocious magical beasts, if they mistakenly entered this place and encountered these people, would likely instinctively flee with their tails between their legs.

Seated at the main position was a figure with deep pupils.

Even though the face was indiscernible, the oppressive force it exuded was astonishing.

The captivating eyes slowly moved, immediately fixing onto a man.

The man shivered under the gaze but quickly regained composure, responding, "The plan to capture Dekan failed."

According to the agreed-upon time…

If the man in the suit successfully captured Dekan, he should have brought him here by now.

The figure at the main seat remained emotionally unchanged, her gaze still chillingly indifferent.

"It doesn't matter; he is just a backup," she said casually. "However, the next plan cannot afford any failures."

Though her tone was calm, a resolute undertone resonated within.

Any mishap or negligence would inevitably lead to death for the one at fault.

"I understand."

The middle-aged man nodded hastily, showing genuine fear and no hint of insincerity.

A few breaths of silence passed.

Even after confirming that the leader's attention had shifted away from him, the man dared not exhale and was still watching the shadowy figure on the main seat attentively.

The leader surveyed the others but didn't linger on anyone.

It was as if she obser

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