Chapter 72 - The Demon Realm Is Empty While the Demon King Is in the Human Realm
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 72 - The Demon Realm Is Empty While the Demon King Is in the Human Realm

The train traveled half a day before it arrived in Holl City in the middle of the night.

Alice had fallen asleep with her earphones on partway through the journey, so she failed to hear the announcement announcing the train's arrival at its destination. Fortunately, she managed to wake up when she sensed someone patting her shoulder.

When Alice opened her dreary eyes and saw the words displayed on the screen at the front of the car, she hurriedly rubbed her eyes and slapped herself on the cheeks. After her consciousness fully recovered, she noticed that the silver-haired maid had long since vanished from the seat beside her. However, when she recalled the pat on her shoulder that had woken her up just now, she felt that it should be the maid who had woken her up on her way out.

It seems she's not as unapproachable as she looks.

After chiding herself not to judge a book by its cover, Alice got up from her seat. The other passengers in the car had mostly left already. So, after grabbing her luggage, Alice promptly exited the train with the Milu Rabbit hanging off her waist once more.

According to Father Kasandora, there would be someone picking her up once she arrived at Holl City's train station, and all she needed to do was exit the train station once she arrived.

Although Alice's identity as the Hero would typically warrant a grand welcoming, taking into account Alice's intent on hiding her identity until she fully matured, Hatter Ceres dared not welcome Alice in too grand of a fashion. Needless to say, he dared not welcome Alice in person, either. Instead, he decided to only send one of his subordinates to welcome her.

Alice wasn't a person of extravagance back on Earth, so she didn't care about receiving a grand welcoming. She was satisfied so long as someone came to pick her up. Thus, after exiting the train station, she began searching for her ride in the plaza outside.

Although it was in the middle of the night right now, the plaza was brightly lit, so Alice had no trouble finding her target—a figure holding up a large wooden sign with the words "Miss Alice" written on it. Without hesitation, Alice started making her way to this figure.

However, to Alice's surprise, after walking closer to the person holding the sign, she found that the other party was actually the silver-haired maid who had sat beside her on the train.


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