Chapter 424 - Look at What You’ve Done to Poor Fugallo
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 424 - Look at What You’ve Done to Poor Fugallo

Fugallo had thought of the possibility that Alice might only be using the white panties to deceive him and that the holy light he was seeing now originated from Alice herself. However, the problem with this assumption was that Alice couldn't possibly gain so much strength out of nowhere. Meanwhile, the only thing Alice had done during this period was take out a pair of panties and hold it in her hand.

Not to mention, if Alice could wield such terrifying strength without holding panties, she should have long since used it.

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So, no matter how Fugallo looked at this situation, Alice had indeed gained a terrifying amount of strength after wielding the pair of white panties.

"He looks devastated," Andusia commented as she flew over to Alice and sat on the latter's shoulder. After all that fighting, her body was already covered in cracks, and her mind was exhausted. So, when she saw that Fugallo had seemingly lost the desire to fight, she promptly took the opportunity to catch her breath.

Meanwhile, it went without saying that Fugallo was devastated. He had expended so much time and energy to acquire his current strength, and he might have even become stronger than even the First Demon King, who was rumored to be the strongest out of all Demon Kings. Yet, despite having such strength, he had ended up losing to a pair of panties?

Demon Kings were prideful creatures, and Fugallo was no exception. He was also an ambitionist who aimed to transform the entire world into one big demon realm and convert all humans into demons to achieve his dream of a world without racial barriers. Yet, just as he was about to succeed…his plans were ruined by a pair of panties.

Any person with even the slightest bit of pride would have difficulty stomaching this situation, let alone a mighty Demon King.

As a Demon King herself, Andusia could more or less guess that Fugallo was currently on the brink of mental collapse, and she couldn't help but look at his junior sympathetically.

"B-Bastard… I absolutely will not allow such a thing to happen…"

After a short moment, Fugallo snapped out of his daze and lifted his head to look at Alice and Andusia. Although the bright light from Alice's right hand was interfering with his vision, he could still clearly see Alice's and Andusia's visages.

The blatantly obvious sympathetic expression Alice and Andusia made was something he had only shown others in the past. He never thought there would come a day when he would be on the receiving end of such an expression. Immediately, he stood up and began gathering mana in a fit of rage.

"I haven't lost yet! I've already perfected my possession magic! I can possess an unlimited number of Demon King's Shadows! My strength will not have an upper limit!" Fugallo shouted, behaving like a standard movie villain.

However, Fugallo's claims weren't false. Every Demon King's Shadow he possessed granted him a frightening boost in strength. If he possessed another Demon King's Shadow at

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Novel Notes

PHA is going on a hiatus until January 1st, 2023. It's becoming increasingly stressful to translate PHA due to all the unneccessarily elaborate yet unimportant contexts, so I've decided to take a break from PHA and have a go at it again next year.
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