Chapter 368 - Nothing to Do
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With the help of her identity as the Gryffin Kingdom's princess, Alice quickly got in touch with the figurine company she wanted. Specifically, it was KG Company. Unlike most other figurine manufacturers that only used plastic to manufacture their figurines, KG Company also produced a special line of wooden figurines. Although these figurines were only produced in small quantities due to cost, they were the best figurines in the world in terms of quality.

Coincidentally, Andusia's body was also produced by KG Company. Hence, Collins had initially assumed Alice had given Lilith a figurine from KG Company when he saw Andusia. However, because Andusia's posture differed from all of the Hikari figurines KG Company had produced, he eventually dismissed this conjecture.

Since KG Company was experienced in making wooden figurines, Alice naturally left the task of carving a new Hikari figurine to the company. However, instead of handling this matter herself, she sent the Living Wood to Catherine via a teleportation delivery service and had Catherine take care of everything for her. After all, when it came to contacting companies, Catherine was much more experienced than her.

At this point, Alice was already close to forgetting that Catherine was the Gryffin Kingdom's royal guard captain. However, she couldn't be blamed for this. Catherine was simply too useful. There were hardly any tasks that could trouble the woman.

Of course, Alice's authority also played a part in Catherine's omnipotence. Although Catherine already possessed great authority as the kingdom's royal guard captain, there was still a limit to her authority. However, her work efficiency had improved drastically because she could now use the excuse of "assisting the princess" as well.

Meanwhile, according to Catherine's message, KG Company had already agreed to help Alice make the Hikari figurine. In addition, because it was a request from Catherine, KG Company had promised to complete the figurine within a week while ensuring the figurine's quality was the best. KG Company also assured Catherine that they would prioritize the safety of the material Alice provided first and foremost.

The last part was actually a condition put in by Alice. After all, she only had one block of Living Wood. If it got damaged to the extent that there wasn't enough material to make a figurine, there'd be no replacements. There was no way she could trick the treants into giving her another block of Living Wood. Hence, she had told Catherine to give a reminder to KG Company to take their time and not make any mistakes.

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