Chapter 355 - Hidden Demon King Fangirl
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 355 - Hidden Demon King Fangirl

"I see. So you suspect the thief who stole Demon King's Shadow is connected to the person impersonating my second brother?"

Realization dawned on Lilith when she heard Alice's request. She was a member of the Rhine Kingdom's royal family, so she would naturally be informed of an incident as important as the theft of a taboo book from the Royal Magic Tower's library. However, before hearing Alice's request, she never thought to link this theft with the person impersonating her second brother.

"But why would you think that? Is it simply because the 'Demon King' in Demon King's Shadow is related to the demons?"

Theft is never good, try looking at

"It's mainly because I'm out of clues. Although these two sound thinly connected, it is the only available lead that I can follow," Alice said. She was naturally aware that these two incidents shared hardly any connections with each other. However, she really had no idea how she should progress with her investigation, so any clue was better than nothing. "These are the only two noteworthy incidents related to the demon realm that have happened recently. Moreover, neither case has been resolved thus far. So, my instincts are telling me that they might be related."

"Instincts, huh…" Lilith muttered as she held her chin. Although she knew Alice was the Hero, she felt that it would be very awkward if she were to suddenly treat Alice like a Hero. So, there wasn't any apparent change in her behavior around Alice. "I wouldn't have believed you if it was before, but if we are talking about the Hero's instincts, I guess it should be different? Those are instincts blessed by God, after all."

No, that so-called God's blessing isn't that incredible. Stop having such blind faith in it. Rather than call it a buff, it's more so a verification code needed to use the Hero's Sword.

Although Alice very much wished to speak her thoughts, considering that she was still using the Hero's identity to deceive people, she wisely chose to bury these thoughts. It wasn't a bad thing that Lilith believed in the so-called "Hero's instincts," either. At the very least, it should be enough excuse to get Lilith to investigate the thief who stole Demon King's Shadow.

Sure enough, Lilith subsequently nodded and agreed to Alice's request. Moreover, since she now knew that Alice was the Hero, she no longer continued hiding some secrets from Alice:

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