Chapter 311 - Nice Guy Etoria
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Although Alice didn't know what was happening inside the room, she couldn't simply leave since the girl was still inside. She was the reason the girl was in this mess in the first place. So, she felt responsible for ensuring the girl's safety.

After pondering for a moment, Alice took out the magic robe that Lilith had prepared for her. This robe was the standard uniform for the Royal Magic Tower's students. Although it differed from the March Academy's magic robe, its functionality was mostly the same. At the very least, when Alice held the robe with her right hand, the weapon information she received was identical.

[Weapon: Magic Robe Brimming With Mana]

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[Quality: Fine]

[Effect: Spirit +10, Control +10, Mana +50]

[Additional Effect:

Mana Defense (Passive Skill. Reduces the offensive magic damage you receive by 5%);

Mana Concealment (Active Skill. Conceals the appearance and aura of the weapon and its user for three minutes.) ]

Although I'm worried about the situation inside, I can't just barge in like this.

Alice stood by the door and concealed herself with the robe's Mana Concealment skill. She decided that she would wait for the people inside to be done with their business before deciding on her next step.

The people responsible for overseeing this incident's investigation shouldn't be so foolish as to think that the female student was the Demon King's right-hand man or something of the sort. After all, Alice had never considered the possibility of failure when she carried out her plan. So, she had never bothered to erase the residue mana she left behind after using Consciousness Transformation. So long as the people investigating this matter weren't totally incompetent, they should have noticed that the female student had been manipulated by spirit magic.

As for whether these people would notice the remnant mind power on the girl, that was something dependent on fate. Although Psychokinesis Transcendence's psychic energy was quite special, a psychic expert could still find some clues if they tried.

However, Alice doubted that the Rhine Kingdom would mobilize a psychic expert unless they could foresee the future and find out that someone had used psychic energy to indirectly cast a spirit taboo on the female student.

Just when Alice was about to grow impatient from waiting, the research room's door finally opened. Then, two people walked out of the room one after another. Among them, the second person to exit was an old man with the aura of a capable magician. The old man even held a magic book in his hand. As for the person walking at the front, he was Prince Etoria, someone Alice had met at the Conference of Kings.

It's actually him.

Alice quickly stepped away from the door to avoid colliding with the two people. Then, she quietly observed Etoria, the prince regarded as the best successor to the Rhine Kingdom's throne.

However, Etoria probably wasn't aware that someone in the Royal Magic Tower was currently impersonating him to initiate contact with a demon spy operating in the tower and have the demons intervene in the Rhine Kingdom's succession rights.

"Then, I'll tell Father and have him contact the Hero. Before the Hero arrives, do not restrict access to the Royal Magic Tower no matter what. We cannot afford to provoke the Demon King. But do make sure to increase surveillance on the people coming and going from the tower. Understood?" Etoria wasn't aware that an invisible person was currently standing right next to him. So, after walking out of the room and seeing nobody in the corridor, he issued instructions to the old magician behind him without worrying about being overheard. "As for the girl, try to appease her. She is only a victim in this matter, so don't make things too difficult for her. On second thought, make sure to compensate her adequately. She is why we learned about the Demon King's presence."

Huh? He's a surprisingly nice guy.

Alice was a little surprised. After reading his mind, Luna's evaluation of Etoria was abysmal. Yet, judging by his current actions, Etoria didn't seem like a bad person at all.

Of course, Etoria's actions weren't exactly strange, either. The female student in question was innocent, so there was no reason Etoria would make trouble for her. Moreover, anyone capable of becoming a student in the Royal Magic Tower would be an apprentice magician with above-average talent. Etoria would be a fool to make enemies with these students.

However, after hearing Etoria's instructions, Alice couldn't help but find this situation a little awkward. It would seem that the conclusion they reached in their discussion was to get the Hero to resolve this problem.

Of course, this wasn't a bad decision. The Demon King was a frightening existence that few could match. It was especially true for a Demon King who had already achieved a certain degree of growth. If a battle involving the Demon King were to break out in the Royal Magic Tower, it goes without saying that the tower would suffer catastrophic damage.

The magic crystal sitting atop the Royal Magic Tower might be able to restrict most destructive spells, but it was still only a Hero's creation. It was highly unlikely it could stop a Demon King's rampage, even if said Demon King was only partially developed.

Hence, the smart move to make in this situation would be to get the Hero's help. Even if a fight broke out, the Hero could limit the destruction the Demon King caused, reducing casualties and damages to a minimum. There was also the possibility that the Demon King might withdraw without a fight after seeing the Hero making an appearance.

After all, there was a precedent of the Hero repelling the Demon King outside the Elven Forest. During that battle, the Hero had chased the Demon King away while ensuring the Elven Forest's safety. So, Etoria must have a lot of confidence in the Hero after that battle.

After seeing Etoria leave, Alice quietly stood next to the elderly magician, who was waiting for the female student to regain consciousness. Although she felt a little exasperated by this turn of events, it was fortunate that Etoria did not know her contact information. Otherwise, things would become very interesting if he were to call her number in the room.

The research room's door and walls might have been soundproofed, but mobile phones would exhibit relatively obvious mana responses when receiving a call.

At least I managed to verify that the girl is alright. I also learned about Etoria's next action, so it's not a total waste of time.

After observing the elderly magician for a while and ensuring that he wouldn't harm the female student, Alice quickly left the vicinity. After all, it probably wouldn't be long before King Haydn contacted her.

Before that happened, she needed to figure out how she should handle his request. As the Hero, there was no way she could refuse to help with a matter involving the Demon King. Yet, she couldn't duplicate herself. So, it would seem that she would have to get Luna to come over and put on another act with her.

There is also that demon spy… I thought the spy would be working under the name of Magic Tower Know-It-All, but it doesn't seem to be the case… Alice sighed and massaged her aching temples. This Rhine Kingdom really knows how to cause trouble…

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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