Chapter 25 - Isn't This Otherworld a Little Too Realistic?
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 25 - Isn't This Otherworld a Little Too Realistic?

Under normal circumstances, whether it was in Earth's manga and anime or this world's Hero novels, so long as the Hero accompanied a merchant convoy, then the convoy was bound to come under attack by bandits or magic beasts. Then, when the convoy had difficulty repelling the attacks, the protagonist would step forward and show off their power, eventually completing the journey without any casualties.

However, Alice had evidently been overthinking things.

Contrary to Alice's expectations, Mana City's public security was anything but poor. Although Mana City was located near the Gryffin Kingdom's edge, highways linking cities and kingdoms already existed in this era. Hence, the smuggling trip felt no different than a long-distance bus ride for Alice. Apart from other vehicles, the merchant convoy did not encounter any other obstacles on the road.

After all, this was a highway they were talking about. Every vehicle driving on the highway moved at high speeds. How dumb would a bandit have to be to try and stop a fast-moving car? Unless the bandits had trained their physical bodies to a frightening extent, they would end up either dead or seriously injured if a fast-moving car struck them.

No wonder Zauna said not to worry about bandits. All of this era's bandits are probably unemployed already...

Alice had previously asked Zauna whether she would meet bandits or the likes on her journey to the demon realm. In response, Zauna had mercilessly laughed at her question. Now, though, Alice finally understood why Zauna had laughed at her. It seemed that she had subconsciously viewed this world using the standard of the Middle Ages once again.

I'll have to put more effort into integrating into this world.

Of course, if they continued driving normally on this highway, they would only end up arriving at another city. They wouldn't be smuggling anything if that was the case. Hence, shortly after leaving Mana City, Alice, seated in the passenger seat of the leading truck, saw the truck being driven out of the highway and onto a small trail.

A dense forest hid the trail. If one didn't look carefully, one would have difficulty noticing that there was actually a muddy road here for cars to drive on.

However, this hidden road was truly narrow. Even though the convoy's trucks were small in size, they could barely fit on this road. If not for the experienced truck drivers, the convoy would've had its journey halted the moment it tried to drive onto this narrow road. It was also probably because of how narrow and discreet this road was that the authorities had yet to discover it.

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