Chapter 27: Father of the Puppets
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 27: Father of the Puppets

Theoretically speaking, Hela's puppet daughters were descendants created by Hela using the power of the Goddess of Life.

However, Hela was still a mammalian after all.

It was still a little difficult for her to reproduce alone.

Therefore, apart from the genes of a mother, her daughters required a separate entity to be matched as a father.

In order to ensure the purity of the demigod puppets' bloodlines, Hela naturally had to choose the best father bodies she could find to create the puppets.

In that case, within Hela's reach, who else apart from herself would make the best father bodies?

Naturally, it would have to be her Imperial Guard sisters.

The three daughters that Hela had created right now used the blood of her dear sisters as their father bodies.

In order to save trouble, Hela decided to use her sisters and her name to name her puppet daughters.

For example, Histia Hela was a puppet created by Hela after she extracted the blood of the eldest sister of the current generation's demigod Imperial Guards, Histia Haines.

Of course, apart from a few Imperial Guards, not many people knew about this.

Those who were slightly more knowledgeable merely knew that Hela possessed a group of puppets that looked similar to her. Even those who knew would not be able to match the names of the three girls who looked similar to her.

Therefore, the puppet girl was moved when Rayne managed to say her name correctly.

Initially, she thought that Prince Rayne had merely become more handsome. To think that… he was so considerate.

"Your Highness Rayne…"

The puppet girl blushed and murmured Rayne's name.

In the dimensional rift, the other two puppet girls could not help but feel a little more expectant towards Prince Rayne outside. Since he could identify Histia so accurately... did it mean that perhaps... he knew their names too?

On the other side.

It was different from the ambiguously sweet atmosphere between Rayne and the puppet.

At that moment, the grand prince was so nervous that he broke out in cold sweat.


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