Chapter 221: Arrival of the Star Goddess Best Friend
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 221: Arrival of the Star Goddess Best Friend

Late at night.

There was an intermission in the small church of the Star Attendant Court.

Although the God Consort possessed a powerful Starburst in her body, she could not use the Starburst ability herself. As a weak mortal, it was clear that she could not last an entire night like those demigods...

Early in the morning.

The two of them took a shower and sat on the rooftop of the small church in bathrobes, looking at the stars.

Next door to the small church, the main church of the Star Attendant Court was still brightly lit. The Star Attendants stayed up the entire night, preparing for the upcoming war.

The God Consort was wearing a loose bathrobe and drinking coffee in the wee hours with her God King. She was not afraid of being seen by her followers. After all, the entire church was enveloped by Olivia's black scale barrier.

This barrier could completely block Empress Thea's perception, causing the God Consort and Rayne to evaporate into thin air in Thea's eyes.

That was the God Consort's greatest reliance for daring to cheat on someone in front of Empress Thea.

The God Consort slurped her hot coffee and looked at the cosmos in the sky.

The snow-white star became even more resplendent.

Far Silence was getting closer and closer to the mortal world.

The voice in the God Consort's mind was screaming in ecstasy.

The God Consort looked at Rayne with a smile. "Darling, are you sleepy?"

Rayne shook his head gently.

"Can you spend more time with me tonight?"

The God Consort smiled shyly. "I keep feeling that… it's a pity to use our precious time to sleep. The feeling of being with you is way too blissful. Even if I don't do anything but talk to you like this… it makes me feel like I really have no regrets in my life."

Rayne smiled and asked gently, "In that case, should we go out for a walk?"

The God Consort: "Yes, alright."

The war was already approaching and the Star Attendants of the Star Attendant Court were preparing for battle all night. Rayne and the God Consort could not be too relaxed either.

Time was already

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