Chapter 156.2: Summoning the Tragic Moon Queen, Sebastian's Nightmarish Day (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 156.2: Summoning the Tragic Moon Queen, Sebastian's Nightmarish Day (2)

A moment later, the Tragic Moon Queen placed her hand on her neck.

There was a collar that Sebastian had put on her.

It was the spell crystal meant for controlling the Tragic Moon Queen.

In theory, thanks to the design of the mental magic, there was no way the Tragic Moon Queen would attempt to touch this collar, let alone destroy it with her own will.



The Tragic Moon Queen released the collar with ease and crushed it.

She smiled and said with a doting and helpless tone, "My descendant, you actually want to control me?"

The smile of the Tragic Moon Queen was extremely kind.

"How naughty."

The next moment, ribbons made of mithril appeared out of thin air beneath Sebastian's feet.

The ribbons surrounded Sebastian and blocked his escape route, leaving him nowhere to hide.

However, just as Sebastian thought that this magnanimous and benevolent Empress wanted to use these ribbons to restrain him temporarily…

He saw dozens of… ten centimeters long spikes on the inside of the ribbons!

Instantly, Sebastian's eyes widened in horror.

The next moment, the ribbons retracted!


Sebastian let out a tragic cry and his eyes widened so much that they were about to pop out!

Listening to Sebastian's tragic cries, the Tragic Moon Queen revealed a satisfied smile.

"I'm sorry, poor child. Your dear Goddess Compassion likes to help the weak at all costs. Therefore, I often have to bully the weak to remind myself of who I am."

A moment later, the Tragic Moon Queen released the ribbons.

Right now, Sebastian was already drenched in blood and his tattered body was an unbearable sight.

At that moment, Sebastian was in so much pain that he wanted to die.

He had not expected… this seemingly benevolent Empress to be a bloodthirsty lunatic as well!

You want to bully the weak because Compassion likes to help the weak?! Are you out of your mind...?

Who do you think you are?!

The Tragic Moon Queen could read the fear and hatred in Sebastian's eyes.

However, she did not care at

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