Chapter 887 - Returning to the Secret Land
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 887 - Returning to the Secret Land

"You let him go, just like that?" Purgatory Jade asked Kowloon Demon. She had been immersed in studying the two Godly Relics just now, so she didn't hear Shi Feng and Kowloon Demon's conversation.

"I did try to invite him, but he didn't seem interested in the other regions' Taboo Bosses," Kowloon Demon said, smiling wryly. "Maybe he felt that nothing else is attractive in our world, so he decided not to stay any longer."

"What a pity. I'll have to get the Guild Leader to send better equipment to rearm the team right away. We can't have Guild Leader Black Flame think there is only this much to Dragon's Crown's strength," Purgatory Jade sighed. She had originally planned to let Shi Feng know about Dragon's Crown's foundations so that he could better understand the necessity of their partnership. Unfortunately, she had missed the chance to do so. "Contact the 23rd and 39th legions; have each garrison Nightmare Holy City with 50,000 elites. We must not let any other powers stay in this region and come into contact with Guild Leader Black Flame's people!"

"Understood!" At Purgatory Jade's command, Kowloon Demon promptly took out a Tier 6 Divine Runic Teleportation Scroll and teleported back to Nightmare Holy City.

Meanwhile, Whirlwind Bulwark and Star Butterfly were shocked when they overheard Purgatory Jade's words. They hadn't expected a behemoth like Dragon's Crown to attach such importance to Shi Feng's party, mobilizing an army of 100,000 elite experts just to prevent other powers from coming into contact with Shi Feng's party.

It should be known that Nightmare Holy City's two strongest Guilds had a total of just over 20,000 elite experts.

"Since you are friends with Guild Leader Black Flame, I will give these two tokens to you," Purgatory Jade said, handing two tokens with Dragon's Crown's emblem to Whirlwind Bulwark and Star Butterfly. "With these tokens, you can freely enter any region under Dragon's Crown's control. You can also contact me if you have trouble in the future."

"Thank you, Vice Guild Leader Jade!"

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