Chapter 677 - Top Five Expert?
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"Black Flame?"

Azure Ship's answer dumbfounded Nineteenth Sword, and he couldn't help but think the other party was joking with him.

"That's right." Azure Ship nodded. Then, in a voice of admiration, he said, "Although the Alliance has made plenty of preparations for that camp, going as far as to arrange a Divine Artifact there, the Holy Race similarly came prepared and mobilized a Divine Artifact. The Holy Race's Divine Artifact is even the Sunlight Blade, one of the Sun Dynasty's Seven Arcanas. The camp's losses would have been unimaginable if not for Black Flame killing the Holy Child wielding the Sunlight Blade."

"He killed a Holy Child who had a Divine Artifact?" Milia couldn't help but doubt Azure Ship's words.

The Sun Dynasty's Holy Children were all individuals at the standard of chosen ones. Individually, they were definitely as strong as the Seven Luminaries Alliance's chosen ones. If a chosen one of such caliber was given a Divine Weapon, they would undoubtedly become a Taboo-level existence.

Yet, Azure Ship was saying that Black Flame had not only defeated such a Taboo-level existence but also killed him? Who could possibly believe him?

"Is there really no mistake with this information?" Nineteenth Sword couldn't help but ask.

The Skylight Association had conducted a thorough investigation into Black Flame's strength. However, based on the Association's assessment, he could, at best, enter the Divine Glory List's top 300 after reaching Tier 6. This would put him close to Titan's and Milia's standards.

Yet, Azure Ship was now saying that Black Flame was already strong enough to slay Taboo-level existences. How could Nineteenth Sword possibly bring himself to believe this?

"This information is absolutely accurate," Azure Ship said definitively. "In fact, the higher-ups are already prepared to rank Black Flame among the Eternal Realm's top five experts once the new ranking list for the Eternal Realm comes out."

The Eternal Realm's top five? Nineteenth Sword's expression turned incredibly gloomy.

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