Chapter 500 - Unfathomable
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"Elder Undying?"

The Scarlet Merchant Alliance Elder, who was originally clamoring arrogantly and expecting to enjoy an entertaining show, couldn't help but widen his eyes in disbelief when he saw Undying Shadow kneeling.

Undying Shadow was a legendary figure in the Scarlet Merchant Alliance. At the same time, he was the leader of the Demon Cave Trio. Whenever the trio was forced into a direct confrontation during an assassination attempt, Undying Shadow would always be the one to handle it.

Whether it was in terms of direct combat capabilities or Basic Attributes, Undying Shadow was the strongest out of the Demon Cave Trio.

In fact, out of their current 20-man team, Undying Shadow's Strength was second to only Abyss Water, who wielded a Legendary Weapon. Even then, the gap wasn't significant enough that Abyss Water could overwhelm him to the extent that Shi Feng was currently doing.

"Brat! You're courting death!"

When the Demon Cave Trio's second eldest Myriad Shadows and youngest Thousand Shadows saw Undying Shadow being forced to kneel, flames of anger ignited in their eyes as they charged at Shi Feng simultaneously.

There was only a distance of twenty yards separating the two Demon Cave brothers from Shi Feng. For experts of their caliber, they could cross such a distance in the blink of an eye.

Subsequently, Myriad Shadows and Thousand Shadows could be seen arriving by Shi Feng's sides and grabbing onto his shoulders. Then, Thousand Shadows took out a Tier 4 Area Teleportation Scroll and chanted an incantation while setting the teleportation coordinates. This was also one of the mainstream methods used by the various powers to target players in NPC Towns and Cities.

The Area Teleportation Scroll worked differently from other group-based teleportation scrolls. Players did not have to be in the same party to get teleported. So long as players stood within the Area Teleportation Scroll's radius, they would be forcibly teleported when the scroll activated. For this reason, Area Teleportation Scrolls were

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