Chapter 322 - Sacred Armament?
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As soon as the sloppy man jumped down from the cliff, everyone present couldn't help but turn to look at him.

The sloppy man in question looked like he was in his mid-thirties. He wore a dark-gray chestplate that had magic runes engraved on it. His long hair was left scattered, making him look like a savage. Yet, despite his messy appearance, nobody present could ignore him because of his domineering words and, more importantly, aura that rivaled that of Tier 5 Legendary monsters.

Meanwhile, this sloppy man was none other than Markless Blade, one of the Heavenly Boa Guild's Seven Great Paragons!

How did he arrive so quickly?

Midsummer and Wuxiaoxiao grew shocked and worried when they saw Markless Blade.

The Ancient River Secret Land's central zone might only be limited to the peak of the central mountain, but the zone was by no means small. It could easily allow a thousand players to roam freely without meeting one another.

Normally, 100 players split into several dozen parties would have a very low chance of coming across one another in such a vast area.

Yet, even though only a few dozen seconds had passed since the official competition began, Markless Blade had already reached them. While it was obvious he had learned of their party of three's starting location through his connections, the fact that he managed to reach them from his starting location so quickly was simply astonishing.

Now, because of this situation, their party would have to fight against Markless Blade before they could even kill any Tier 4 Heroic Spirits. If they ended up getting killed by Markless Blade, they would have to say goodbye to getting into the top 20, let alone getting into the top 10 and entering the Ancient River's Heart.

"I can't believe Markless Blade managed to improve so much in the time we haven't met. A Tier 5 Magic Equipment truly is incredible," the Red Star Kingdom's Glorious Mantra said, a hint of dread appearing in his eyes after he scrutinized Markless Blade. "I doubt my odds of winning against him reaches even 20% now..."

"Rumors say that the Asura Sword Emperor is stronger than even Saint Nine and rivals the current Saint Three. I wonder how much strength he can get Markless Blade to use?" the Iron Lion Kingdom's Martial Quadbeast wondered, his eyes brimming with fighting spirit. "It'd be great if he can get Markless Blade to use all of his strength."

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