Chapter 312 - Asura Sword Emperor?
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 312 - Asura Sword Emperor?

"No! Impossible!"

Lightning Chaser couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the three fourth-floor experts in the magic mirror collapsing to the ground.

Shi Feng had not only killed three fourth-floor experts in one move, but he had also done so without using any Skills or combat techniques. All he did was swing his sword.

Fourth-floor experts were not cabbages that could be found everywhere. They would be regarded as powerful experts in any city.

Unless there was an overwhelming gap in Basic Attributes, even titled experts would need to put in some effort to kill an ordinary fourth-floor expert. After all, experts of this caliber would have all factors within their immediate vicinity under their control. They could also make perfect predictions of their opponent's attacks and take the necessary countermeasures. Unless they were targeted by a powerful AOE attack that couldn't be dodged, there was no way they could be killed instantly.

Yet, three fourth-floor experts were killed by Shi Feng, an ant who didn't have a Golden Leaf Emblem, with only one slash. Even dreams would be more believable than this situation.

This situation was so unbelievable that Lightning Chaser couldn't help but suspect if the three fourth-floor youths were paid actors. Otherwise, why would they stand still and do nothing as Shi Feng killed them?

Lightning Chaser wasn't the only person to have such thoughts. Many of the spectating participants in the plaza also thought as such. Aside from the three youths being actors hired by Shi Feng, they couldn't think of any other reason to explain this bewildering situation.

While the spectators were speculating whether the three youths were paid actors hired by Shi Feng, the expression of the young male Assassin fighting Wu Xiaoxiao turned ashen as he looked at Shi Feng.

"He has a Tier 5 Physique?"

Although this Assassin youth spoke under his breath, his voice was conveyed clearly through the magic mirror, and his speculation shocked the spectating crowd.

"Tier 5 Physique? Could he have a piece of Legendary Equipment equipped?"

"No wonder! No wonder those three failed to even react! There's no way Tier 4 players can keep up with a Tier 5 Physique's reaction speed!"

"Legendary Equipment?! Could he be from an upper-ranking hegemonic power?"

Everyone participating in the Rookie Competition was a genius among the Ancient River Kingdom's younger generation. Although they had yet to get promoted to Tier 5, they understood the significance of having a Tier 5 Physique.

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