Chapter 233 - Nether King
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Time passed bit by bit in the plaza. Eventually, a 60-meter-tall skeleton wearing a starry cloak and holding a trident appeared before everyone. Upon seeing this skeleton, everyone present gasped.

[Diaclo] (Undead, Nether King)

Level 120

HP 300,000,000,000

"What?! A Nether King?! How are we supposed to beat a Nether King with only Tier 3 players?!" Blackie felt his sanity seeping away as he looked at the Nether King Diaclo. For a moment, he even suspected that Frey, who had planned for this challenge, was insane. After all, she was asking them to challenge a Tier 5 Nether King as Tier 3 players.

"This is a Legendary Crusade Quest?" Liu Wusheng was similarly shocked by this situation.

Legendary Quests were extremely rare in God's Domain, and Legendary Crusade Quests were even rarer. Legendary Crusade Quests were so rare that Liu Wusheng had never even seen one before, though he did know of a Guild that had challenged one before—Mythology, one of the Five Great Super Guilds.

Mythology was the only Guild known to have challenged a Legendary Crusade Quest in their God's Domain. However, Mythology had kept a tight lip on the Legendary Crusade Quest. So, besides the members who had participated in the challenge, nobody knew about the quest's details. The only thing everyone knew was that Mythology had suffered severe losses.

As for Wu Lingling, Lin Yaoyue, and the other players who had only ever reached Tier 3 or Tier 4 on the main continent, their bodies shook with fear when they looked at the Nether King before them.

A Tier 5 monster!

Such monsters were incredibly rare in God's Domain. The average Tier 3 and Tier 4 player would rarely get to encounter a Tier 5 monster. For those who had the misfortune to come across one, they'd usually have their souls shattered and destroyed.

Meanwhile, if one wanted to defeat a Tier 5 monster, the bare minimum one would need was a Tier 4 team that was armed to the teeth or a force of several Tier 5 players. This was because Tier 5 monsters had the strength to alter terrains with their every move. They had the strength to single-handedly destroy an entire kingdom. They were no longer existences that individual players could challenge.

"Erect the barrier as planned! Other teams, get ready to deal with the other monsters that come out!" Flanders calmly commanded as he grabbed the spear on his back and raised it. He did not show any signs of wavering even when facing Diaclo.

Immediately, the ten thousand experts in the plaza began to move.

At the same time, a gigantic magic array appeared in the sky, covering the entire plaza. Meanwhile, along with the magic array's appearance, Diaclo started to weaken rapidly. In only seconds, the Nether King's HP had fallen from 300 billion to just 150 billion.

As for the 100 Level 120 Mythic monsters that had come out of the Door of the Dead, their Basic Attributes had similarly fallen by 50%. Because of this, the many teams in the plaza didn't even need to mobilize their God-ranked experts to stop the Mythic monsters and prevent them from supporting Diaclo.

"What a powerful magic barrier!" Galaxy Past's eyes widened in shock when he saw how much weaker the Nether King and the many Mythic monsters had become.

As someone who used to be a Tier 5 expert on the main continent, he had fought against Tier 5 monsters before. However, never had he seen or heard of a magic barrier capable of halving a Tier 5 monster's Basic Attributes.

"A three-fold Grandmaster Magic Array. This is indeed a very lavish move," Shi Feng said, nodding.

Grandmaster Magic Arrays were extremely rare, and even a Grandmaster Magicians would face great difficulty trying to produce an ordinary Grandmaster Magic Array. Firstly, it was because of the limited materials available. Secondly, it was because producing a Grandmaster Magic Array consumed a lot of time.

As for a threefold, large-scale Grandmaster Magic Array, its value was no less than two Fragmented Legendary Weapons. Moreover, it was only a one-time-use item.

Indeed! One use was equivalent to expending two Fragmented Legendary Weapons!

"You have very sharp eyes, Guild Leader Black Flame," Flanders said, smiling as he walked over to Shi Feng. "This is the Threefold World Sealing Magic Array that only the Tower Alliance can produce. It can reduce even a Tier 5 Dragon's Basic Attributes by a minimum of 30%. A Tier 6 player would need at least a hundred attacks to break it."

"It can even trap Tier 6 players for some time?" Hidden Soul was slightly astonished when she heard Flanders' explanation.

Tier 6 God-ranked experts were the pinnacle of strength for players in God's Domain. Aside from a Holy City-level Guild City's defensive magic array, hardly anything could stop a Tier 6 God-ranked expert's attack. If Tier 6 God-ranked experts fought each other, the shockwaves of their attacks could destroy even a city that was located over 10,000 yards away and turn a radius of several tens of thousands of yards into a desolate wasteland. So, one could easily imagine how powerful the attacks of Tier 6 God-ranked experts were.

Yet, the Threefold World Sealing Magic Array could defend against a Tier 6 God-ranked expert's attack for some time. This was simply unbelievable.

"But I doubt that's enough to defeat a Tier 5 Nether King, right?" Shi Feng said with a puzzled expression. If Tier 3 players could defeat a Tier 5 monster by relying only on one magic array, Tier 5 monsters wouldn't be regarded as disasters.

"Indeed, it'll be impossible to do so," Flanders said, nodding. Then, he looked toward Frey, who suddenly lifted the wooden staff in her hand and said reverentially, "But with the trump card Miss Frey has prepared, taking down a Tier 5 Nether King won't be impossible."

As soon as Flanders finished speaking, magic arrays started appearing around Frey, their numbers quickly going past thirty. Every one of these magic arrays was composed of a different element. Once these magic arrays took shape, they linked with each other to form a threefold magic array covering a 100-yard radius.

Subsequently, seven soul spears emerged from the void and stabbed Diaclo, causing the Nether King's aura to weaken even further. Eventually, Diaclo had become so weak that the fear in everyone's hearts vanished.

"Seven Soul Annihilation Spears! With such a high Concentration standard, she must have already reached the three-star grandmaster realm!" Shi Feng exclaimed when he saw the heavily injured Diaclo.

The Divine Artifact Nethersoul had three main abilities, and one of them was the Soul Annihilation Spear.

Although the Nethersoul Frey wielded was only a fragment, which, in turn, reduced the power and complexity of the Soul Annihilation Spears it summoned, it would still be incredibly challenging to form a Soul Annihilation Spear. This was because the construction of every Soul Annihilation Spear expended a significant amount of Concentration.

According to rumors, the average mental strength master couldn't even construct one Soul Annihilation Spear, while a three-star mental strength master could only construct the frame of a Soul Annihilation Spear. At the very least, one would need to reach the grandmaster realm in mental strength development to construct a complete Soul Annihilation Spear. Meanwhile, a complete Soul Annihilation Spear could annihilate the soul of a Tier 4 creature and injure the soul of a Tier 5 creature.

As for Frey's ability to summon seven Soul Annihilation Spears, Shi Feng doubted anyone beneath a three-star mental strength grandmaster could accomplish such a feat.

"That's right." Flanders nodded, feeling very surprised as he looked at Shi Feng. he didn't think Shi Feng could discern Frey's attack and strength so accurately. "Miss Frey's Concentration is incredibly powerful. She is a peerless genius among her generation, even in the Greater World. This is also why Miss Frey dared to challenge a Legendary Crusade Quest. In front of the Soul Annihilation Spears, even a Tier 5 Nether King will suffer serious soul damage and have its combat power reduced to just being close to the Tier 5 standard. At this standard, we can definitely whittle the Nether King to death with so many players."

Shi Feng was inwardly awed by this situation. Only a corporation like the Galaxy Corporation could possibly afford to hire over 10,000 peak experts and 200 God-ranked experts.

After Frey had heavily injured Diaclo with her seven Soul Annihilation Spears, several Level 120 God-ranked experts equipped with Fragmented Legendary Equipment stepped forward with their shields raised, intending to stop the Nether King's advance toward Frey.


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However, as soon as Diaclo swung the trident it wielded, three Level 120 God-ranked MTs were instantly reduced to ashes…

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