Chapter 187 - Miserable Fate?
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Once the flashes of light disappeared, the figures in the Abyssal Tower's teleportation hall entered the sights of everyone in the lobby.

"Are they the players Death Curse is targeting?"

"How pitiful these people are. I doubt even the Shimmering Sword can protect them now."

"They asked for it. Out of everyone they could have provoked, they just had to choose Death Curse. Things would have never turned out like this had they not chosen to help Purple Light."

"I heard that Death Curse had prepared a death curse for these people. So long as these people get banished out of the city, Death Curse's members will immediately place this curse on them. If they get killed with this curse in effect, not only will they lose three levels, but they'll also have a high chance of dropping the items on their bodies and in their bags."

"If they get killed a couple of times with this curse and fall below Level 100, they will be forcibly sent back to the starting zone. If that happened, they'd have to compete for those few teleportation slots all over again if they want to enter Level 100-plus maps again."

"It took me half a year to secure a teleportation slot for myself back then. Now that the starting zone's player population has grown larger, getting a teleportation slot has become even more difficult. My nephew is still stuck in the starting zone even after struggling for over a year..."

When the spectating crowd saw Shi Feng and his teammates appearing in the lobby, they couldn't help but look at Shi Feng's team sympathetically.

Laura Crader's arrival might have surprised everyone, but judging by the current situation, the mighty Shimmering Sword might have trouble keeping her position as Slumber City's number one expert today. Needless to say, she'd be even more powerless to protect Shi Feng's team.

In addition, Solitary Soul was now a Vice City Lord in Slumber City. Although Laura was similarly a Vice City Lord, she did not have the right to stop Solitary Soul from banishing other players from the city. Hence, Laura could only threaten Solitary Soul and figure out a way to make him give up on targeting Shi Feng's team.

"Revenant! Identify their names!" Solitary Soul said, smirking as he looked at Shi Feng's team.

"Roger!" Night Revenant also smirked as he said, "Everyone, do it!"

After Night Revenant finished speaking, multiple Death Curse members hiding among the crowd crushed the crystal rune in their hands. Immediately afterward, a magic array appeared in the eyes of these Death Curse members, the magic array giving their eyes a golden glow.

Holy Seal's Eye? Shi Feng was quite surprised as he looked at the Death Curse members with glowing golden eyes.

Holy Seal's Eye was an incredibly precious Master-rank Identification Skill. Not only could it see through the Black Cloak's concealment effects, but it could also see through high-ranking disguises.

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Most importantly, Holy Eye's Seal could be used to analyze Master Magic Arrays and above, assisting players in decoding the various magic barriers in God's Domain. This ability was especially crucial when players were raiding ancient ruins. Out of the many ancient ruins that existed in God's Domain, most of them would have some sort of barrier that prevented players from entering. Meanwhile, players could only enter these ruins after cracking these barriers.

Hence, a Holy Seal's Eye could easily sell for the price of a Level 100 Epic Weapon in God's Domain.

Meanwhile, to obtain their real IDs, Death Curse had used twenty Holy Seal's Eye. If the various powers of God's Domain were to learn of this, they would definitely curse at Death Curse's prodigal behavior.

"We've verified their IDs already, Commander!" Night Revenant said as he sent the IDs of Shi Feng's team members to Solitary Soul. Then, he turned to look at Shi Feng's team with a gleeful look.

"Dammit!" Echoing Judgment's complexion turned ashen when he saw Death Curse's members using as many as twenty Holy Seals' Eye. He didn't think that Death Curse would go to such lengths to get revenge on Shi Feng's team.

So long as Solitary Soul managed to find out the IDs of Shi Feng's team members, he could easily get them banished from Slumber City using his privileges as a Vice City Lord. There was also nothing anybody could do about it.

Echoing Judgment had also tasked someone to secretly check the situation outside the city, so he knew that Death Curse had mobilized nearly 100 Temple Knights and 600-plus Novice Temple Knights to ensure that Shi Feng's team did not escape. Death Curse had even set up a Master Magic Array at the city's entrance. There was no way Shi Feng's team could survive once they got removed from the city.

It was also unlikely that Laura could save Shi Feng's team from Death Curse.

Meanwhile, after Solitary Soul typed in the IDs of Shi Feng's team members into Slumber City's management interface, he couldn't help but frown as he said, "They have eight Upper-class Nobles?"

"Eight Upper-class Nobles?!" Night Revenant couldn't help but look at Shi Feng's team in disbelief when he heard Solitary Soul's words. "How is this possible?!"

Upper-class Nobles were special existences in the Stratified Abyssal Realm's various NPC Cities.

So long as players acquired the status of an Upper-class Noble in a city, not only would they enjoy an extremely high status in the city, but they would also gain voting rights to determine the direction of the city's development. Meanwhile, even Vice City Lords didn't have the authority to deal with Upper-class Nobles.

Aside from those privileges, Upper-class Nobles would also gain a passive aura that weakened the dark-type monsters around them. It was also because of this aura that the various powers and experts were very keen on recruiting and befriending Upper-class Nobles.

However, it wasn't an easy task to become an Upper-class Noble. Take Slumber City, for example. Even after several decades of development, less than a hundred players had managed to become an Upper-class Noble in Slumber City. The number of Upper-class Nobles in the city was significantly lower than even the number of official Temple Knights.

Yet, now, it was revealed that Shi Feng's small team of twenty had as many as eight Upper-class Nobles. That was already more than the Upper-class Nobles that Death Curse had. In other words, Shi Feng's team of twenty had greater speaking rights than Death Curse in Slumber City. This was simply unbelievable.

At this time, even Echoing Judgment was stunned by Solitary Soul's words. Unlike Death Curse's members, Echoing Judgment knew that this was the first time Shi Feng's team members had come into contact with the Abyssal Tower. Yet, despite this being their first time challenging the Abyssal Tower, eight of them had managed to become Upper-class Nobles. Shi Feng's team was simply a gathering of monsters.

Of those present, only Shi Feng found this situation unsurprising. Not only did God's Domain possess complete Legacies, but it also had an environment that was much more conducive for Mana development. Hence, God's Domain's players were vastly superior to the Stratified Abyssal Realm's players when it came to Mana control.

Based on Shi Feng's evaluation of the Abyssal Tower, so long as a God's Domain player reached the World Tower's second-floor standard, they could almost certainly clear the Abyssal Tower's third floor and become an Upper-class Noble.

"So that's why Purple Light has gone as far as to call on the Shimmering Sword to help you," Solitary Soul said, his expression growing even colder as he looked at Shi Feng's team. "But so what if eight of you are Upper-class Nobles? The rest of you are only ordinary Nobles! I can still banish these twelve from the city for 48 hours!"

As soon as Solitary Soul finished speaking, a group of fully-armed NPC guards walked in from the Abyssal Tower's entrance. Every one of these NPC guards was at Level 130 or above. The two guard captains were even Level 135, Tier 4 NPCs.

"What a crazy bastard. He's actually planning on making an enemy out of eight Upper-class Nobles," Wolf Emperor commented. When he saw the NPC guards appearing, he understood that Solitary Soul intended to take care of Shi Feng's team and establish his dominance over Slumber City, even if it meant making an enemy out of eight Upper-class Nobles simultaneously.

However, Wolf Emperor also had to admit that Solitary Soul had the qualifications to act arrogantly. After all, with a piece of Legendary Equipment in his possession, Solitary Soul could not only stand at the apex of Slumber City, but he could even extend his reach into Shadow City, the most prosperous and powerful city in the Stratified Abyssal Realm's northern region.

After the several dozen NPC guards walked up to Blackie and the others, one of the guard captains took out a piece of parchment and recited, "According to Slumber City's rules, as punishment for challenging Vice City Lord Solitary Soul's authority, you will be banished from the city for 48 hours. Please follow us out of the city!"

"Black Flame, is it?" When Night Revenant saw that the NPC guards were about to take Blackie and the others away, he turned to Shi Feng and laughed, saying, "This is what happens when you offend Death Curse! Of course, this is only the beginning. You will soon learn what kind of miserable fate awaits you for going against Death Curse!"

"Miserable fate?"

Shi Feng couldn't help but chuckle at Night Revenant's remarks. Then, he walked straight up to the stern-looking NPC guards.

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A summary to all the changes I've made relating to Laura Crader and her adventurer team:

1) Laura's nickname/ID --- Shimmering Sword

2) Laura's adventurer team is named --- Glimmer


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