Chapter 91 – The Island Opened
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 91 – The Island Opened

Lu Ping first returned to Xuan Qi Island to ask Master Immortal Liu. He had heard rumors but didn’t really know much. Hence, he took Lu Ping to see Enlightened Master Qu Xuan-Cheng, who knew something about the matter but hadn’t been to Fei Ling Island either.

After telling Lu Ping what he knew, Enlightened Master Qu told him to go back to Tian Ling Mountain to find Enlightened Master Jiang Xuan-Lin. It was only then Lu Ping found the right person to go to.

He told Lu Ping in detail about his involvement in the opening of Fei Ling Island, adding a warning, “Unlike the rumors, Fei Ling Island isn’t full of treasures. Aside from being destroyed by the Avatar Real Great Ancestors’ battles, all the valuables were scavenged before the island sank. The sects that participated in the war plundered everything they could a long time ago.

“And for the last four thousand years, the sects have explored Fei Ling Island whenever it opened up. So what is there left to find? In fact, the most important resource on Fei Ling Island would be the spirit materials, which are nurtured every five hundred years by its large spirit vein.

“Therefore, both sides are actually competing for the amount of spirit materials collected by their disciples. The sect will take three-quarters of the collected spirit materials, and if the disciples have other gains, it is customary that the sect does not collect them.”

What Lu Ping wanted most was nothing but spirit herbs, so he was naturally delighted to hear that. Taking the map of Fei Ling Island that the Enlightened Master drew for him from memory, he returned to Huang Li Island to prepare.

Five days later, on the second day of the second month. Twenty Zhen Ling disciples, led by two Enlightened Masters, flew southwest from Tian Ling Mountain.

In truth, Fei Ling Island could have been opened any time this year. But the resolution proposed by Shui Yan Pavilion and Hai Yan Sect caught the sects by surprise, which made them hurried and unprepared.

With the speed of the Core Forging Enlightened Masters, it still took a full day to get to the airspace above Fei Ling Island.

They found a random coral island somewhere on the sea to land on and rest. Lu Ping was playing with a mid-grade water-element mystic instrument in his hand. He was quietly familiarizing himself with the nature of this mystic instrument that the sect had given to their disciples.

This time, Zhen Ling Sect had prepared each of the twenty disciples with numerous supplies, including a mid-grade mystic instrument, a bottle of high-grade wound-healing medicinal pellets, and three bottles of Spirit Regenerating Pellets.

Additionally, there were also three bottles of cultivation medicinal pellets—Fu Ling Pellets. These pellets were actually a reward that the sect was issuing in advance.

Lu Ping was satisfied with the supplies given, especially the Fu Ling Pellets, which temporarily eased his recent shortage of Blood Condensation cultivation pellets.

Among the two Enlightened Masters, the first was Enl

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