Chapter 89 – Cultivate Hard
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 89 – Cultivate Hard

In fact, Lu Ping knew that the cultivators would go through a stage of familiarization and adaptation after the lifting of the sea ban.

In this stage, the cultivators would learn and understand the environment of the nearby seas, as well as the distribution, strengths, weaknesses, types, and habits of the monster beasts.

Only after familiarizing themselves with these matters would the real hunting and slaying begin. After all, this information could very well determine their life and death.

There was still half a year until Di Kun Island’s triennial Blood Condensation Realm auction. Lu Ping himself didn’t know whether he could recoup his costs before the auction. On the other hand, his cultivation base had recently entered a sudden phase of rapid progress.

Lu Ping had entered the Blood Condensation Realm for more than a year. He had experienced several life-and-death trials and entered the Second Layer three months ago. Having sufficient medicinal pellets played an important role in his speedy progress.

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During this period of time, Lu Ping once again experienced the same thrill of a rising breakthrough in his cultivation, similar to his experience in the Blood Refining Realm. This was all thanks to the rewards from the sect, plus his own purchases, as well as Sheng Tao’s inheritance, the spoils from the Xuan Ling Sect cultivators, and the two mini spirit veins.

However, the lack of spirit stones still made Lu Ping a little unhappy. Although he had a high degree of certainty that he could earn spirit stones from the two shops, his own spending was also huge. Lu Ping was not the kind of man who liked struggling to make ends meet.

Initially, he planned to head out to the sea to hunt monster beasts, but he quickly gave up as he wasn’t familiar with the separation zone. He thought he would wait until the other cultivators explored the zone first.

Fortunately, Di Kun Island was holding a Blood Refining Realm auction next month. He had previously entrusted a number of items to the Multi-Treasure Pavilion, items that he didn’t need anymore after entering the Blood Condensation Realm. They should be able to be auctioned for some spirit stones.

Left with no choice, Lu Ping had to dive into the Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes’ lair again. He used half a day to excavate a hundred pounds of Spirit Stout Stone Ores and returned to look for Chen Lian.

Chen Lian’s smith shop had begun taking piecemeal repair works for mystic instruments. These jobs were highly dependent on one's smithery and experience, and they didn’t require any cost of investment. Hence, Chen Lian’s life was quite free and easy.

When Lu Ping walked into the smith shop, Chen Lian had just extinguished his fire array formation.

Chen Lian naturally couldn’t bring along his old man’s Pebbly Jade Fire with him. Hence, the fire he used was a family heirloom; a fire-ignition array formation. The array formation was fueled by spirit stones and controlled using his arcan

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