Chapter 87 – Spirit Vein Migration
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 87 – Spirit Vein Migration

Lu Ping chose the two spiritual fields near his own cave and deliberately gave up the more inferior ones.

After that, Li Zi-Ming took over cultivating the rest of the spiritual fields. Lu Ping soon learned that he handed over the five acres to his son.

His son’s name was Li Yu, a Zhen Ling Side Hall Grade 3 disciple. He was at the Eighth Blood Refining Realm and belonged to Group 19.

The spiritual fields’ yields were higher and their growth cycles were shorter thanks to the secret techniques Lu Ping had used on them. The yields added up to more than a few hundred spirit stones a year which was quite a fortune to an ordinary Blood Refining disciple. This would explain Li Zi-Ming’s insistence.

But Li Zi-Ming was a Mid Blood Condensation disciple; a few hundred spirit stones was hardly significant compared to the wealth he possessed. So that left Lu Ping wondering: why would Li Zi-Ming behave that way to the point of losing his face?

His question remained unanswered until one certain day, when Yao Yong and Shi Lingling came to visit him on the island. It was then he learned that Li Cheng was Li Zi-Ming’s nephew and Li Yu’s cousin.

Hence, Lin Sheng, who was Li Cheng’s friend, would also be close to Li Zi-Ming and Li Yu. It appeared that Li Zi-Ming had played a role in getting Lin Sheng into the team dispatched to Huang Li Island.

So it was all clear now—the root of this entire mess was obviously Li Cheng.

But Lu Ping didn’t have time to pay attention to these insignificant matters. The more important thing to do now was moving the spirit veins from Sheng Tao’s spirit garden and the Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes’ lair over to his cave-dwelling.

The North Ocean Alliance’s discussions were reaching an end. The sects finished their negotiations and were set to dispatch their disciples. Right now, many cultivators had gathered on the islands bordering the monster territory. They were all waiting for the alliance to lift the sea ban so they could march into the monster’s seas.

While patrolling the border, Lu Ping took the opport

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