Chapter 85 – Join Forces (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 85 – Join Forces (2)

Everyone was sad when they heard of Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong’s death.

Since he knew he had no hopes of advancing into the Mid Core Forging Realm, Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong had spent the rest of his life taking care of and nurturing the side hall disciples. He had been in charge of the side hall for over 150 years. When Master Immortal Liu was a side hall disciple, Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong was already the dean.

Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong was approachable, and many young cultivators had received his guidance before. He enjoyed a high reputation among the disciples that came out from the side hall. Over the years, some disciples that he had taught had become Core Forging Enlightened Masters like himself.

Lu Ping had also received Enlightened Master Xuan-Yong’s guidance. He had even instructed his student, Wu Zi-Niu, to accompany Lu Ping to Tian Ling Mountain.

Lu Ping asked about the casualties among the Blood Condensation Realm. Master Immortal Liu was silent for a moment before replying, “Among the seven hundred disciples present, more than two hundred died, and half of those remaining are injured. And this is after Xuan Hua Island sent two hundred disciples to help. Without those reinforcements, the number of casualties would definitely be higher.”

Lu Ping knew Xuan Hua Island’s timely aid had also been arranged by the sect, so he didn’t dwell any deeper on the topic. He then asked about Xuan Ling Sect’s casualties.

Master Immortal Liu stated that he didn’t know the exact figure, but it was said that more than three hundred—out of roughly five hundred—Xuan Ling disciples had died.

After all, Xuan Ling Sect definitely wouldn’t announce the precise number. Even if it did, the numbers would surely be reduced by at least half or more. Any other report would only damage the sect’s morale.

Shi Lingling was excited and proud to report to Master Immortal Liu about the group’s achievements of killing six Blood Condensation monsters. The only dissatisfaction she had was that they were all in the Early Blood Conde

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