Chapter 340 – Challenge
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 340 – Challenge

"But before that, I will collect some interest from them first!"

Just as Hu Lili breathed a sigh of relief, she grew anxious once again.

"What's your target? The Yuan Clan, Li Clan, or the monsters on Huang Li Island?"

In Hu Lili's opinion, all of those targets were beyond their level at this time. The Li Clan's Mid Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master alone was someone they couldn't defeat, let alone the Yuan Clan or even the monster race.

Lu Ping smiled and didn't answer. Instead, he changed the topic to a cultivation discussion, sharing the stories he had experienced or heard in the East Ocean. The ambiance turned lively and they all had an enjoyable time together.

Towards the end of the gathering, Lu Ping approached Chen Lian privately. He took out Landslide, and said, "Brother Chen, do you have the confidence to upgrade Landslide to a mystic treasure now?"

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Although Landslide was almost as strong as a mystic treasure, the weapon itself was just a top-grade mystic instrument. As a result, it was gradually phased out from Lu Ping's choice of weapons as it was no longer as outstanding as before.

Chen Lian's eyes brightened up when he saw Landslide, "The first top-grade mystic instrument I've forged. I knew you'd upgrade it, so I've always been on the look out for suitable spirit materials and Mystical Inscriptions for it. However, there are only a few Mystical Inscriptions that are both water in element and specialize in blunt attacks or pressure constraints. I myself have only managed to collect one such Mystical Inscription. You can opt for others with similar features, but they will inevitably affect Landslide's power and potential."

Lu Ping passed Landslide to Chen Lian, "In that case, I'd like to ask Brother Chen to help me upgrade it. Furthermore, where can I find such Mystical Inscriptions that you speak of?"

Chen Lian mulled, "The Pavilion of Smith. There are many Mystical Inscriptions in the records, lots have been obtained, a few have been modified or altered, and a further few were created by seniors. It is one of the most important heritages of our sect."

Chen Lian looked at Lu Ping's excited face and laughed, "But it's not easy to get in."

Lu Ping asked curiously, "What's the matter, are there requirements?"

Chen Lian smiled, "Of course, they are difficult to achieve too. The first and foremost requirement is that you must be an Enlightened Master."

Lu Ping nodded understandably, "That's reasonable."

Chen Lian continued, "Then, in order to obtain a Mystical Inscription, you must also give a Mystical Inscription in return. It's a fair deal."

Lu Ping thought about it, then said, "That's fair too."

Chen Lian smirked, "But the crux is the third requirement – the Mystical Inscription you exchange cannot be something the Pavilion of Smith already has."

Lu Ping was taken back, he could already imagine how difficult it was to meet the third requirement.

Chen Lian looked him in the eyes, and said, "It looks like you've realized it as well. The Zhen Ling Sect has stood for tens of thousands of years, over this span of time, the library has collected almost every Mystical Inscription that has ever existed in the North Ocean, with only a small amount that has been missed. It's truly not easy to meet the third requirement, and it will only get harder with time."

Lu Ping was dumbstruck, he thought for some time before asking, "There must be an alternative way, right?"

Chen Lian nodded, "Indeed, there is. The collection of Mystical Inscriptions is, in essence, a means to accumulate the sect's heritage. If you can achieve this goal, either through meritorious deeds, or the submission of valuables such as secret techniques in smithing or alchemy, new cultivation methods, spirit items, peculiar items, or even wonder items, then you may be rewarded accordingly, including, but not limited to, Mystical Inscriptions."

Lu Ping gave it a thought, and said, "Thank you Brother Chen for your guidance. No matter what, I will need to give the Pavilion of Smith a try."

After that, he took out a flying sword, and asked, "Brother Chen, what do you think of this?"

Chen Lian came from a smith background and his teacher was Zhen Ling Sect's famous Master Smith, so he was naturally adept in craftsmanship. With just one look, he immediately knew what it was and exclaimed in surprise, "An invisible sword? How rare. Junior Brother Lu, if you seek to upgrade it to a mystic treasure, it will definitely be challenging."

Lu Ping passed him the flying sword, "That's why I'm asking you Brother Chen!"

Chen Lian took the flying sword, and said helplessly, "The flying sword's quality itself is not good enough for a mystic treasure. But, the hardest part is finding a suitable Mystical Inscription for it. Thankfully, an invisible flying sword is hard to come by, even my teacher will be interested in it. He might provide us with the right Mystical Inscription we need."

Flying Lightning Island was home to the Li Clan. As it was nearby Zhen Ling Island, it hadn’t been trampled in the monster tide, and since then the clan had developed at a fast pace. Not only did the clan nurture a small spirit vein, its clan head, Li Xuan-Liang, had also advanced to the Mid Core Forging Realm this year.

The clan also had an Early Core Forging Realm elder. Furthermore, the younger generation was also performing well. All in all, the Li Clan was on an upward trend in recent years.

However, for the last few days, the Li Clan's head and elders weren’t in a good mood.

Inside the Hall of Ancestors in the Li Clan's residence, Li Xuan-Liang, Li Xuan-Wu, Li Zi-Ming, Li Zi-Sheng, Li Zi-Cheng, Li Zi-Yu, and a few other core members were holding a meeting.

"Who knew that Lu Ping would actually return. What's more, he’s now in the Third Layer Core Forging Realm. He will definitely suspect us for the spirit veins on Huang Li Island."

"His teacher is now a Great Ancestor, we can’t touch him anymore. In hindsight, we were too inconsiderate with our actions."

The person who had just spoken was Enlightened Master Li Xuan-Wu, the Early Core Forging Realm cultivator who was also Clan Head Li Xuan-Liang's younger brother.

After he finished speaking, everyone's expression turned ugly. They all knew about the incident of Enlightened Master Xuan-Chen and Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling storming the Yuan Clan because of Lu Ping's disappearance.

The Yuan Clan had five Enlightened Masters at their residence, and an additional Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master in the sect, Enlightened Master Xuan-Jin. Despite this they were powerless, and could only watch as Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling stopped them inside their Ancestral Hall, while Enlightened Master Xuan-Chen trampled their residence.

One could tell how powerful and overwhelming Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling was from her ability to deter six other Enlightened Masters by herself. What’s more, she was now in the Avatar Realm!

"We can't say that for sure, Lu Ping has no evidence to prove that we took the spirit veins. Furthermore, if not for them, we couldn't have promoted our spirit veins into a small spirit vein, and uncle wouldn't have advanced to the Mid Core Forging Realm so quickly. Additionally, Great Ancestor Tian-Ling is not Enlightened Master Xuan-Ling anymore, her prestige will stop her from interfering in this matter. Without her influence, he’s nothing to be afraid of."

Enlightened Master Li Xuan-Wu was furious after hearing that someone was contradicting his opinions, but he quickly calmed down after seeing that it was Li Zi-Cheng, also known as Li Cheng.

Li Zi-Cheng was the heir to Li Clan, and the one with the greatest hope of becoming the third Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master of the clan. Hence, his opinion mattered.

At this time, Li Zi-Ming and Li Zi-Yu, the father and son duo, were sitting like cats on hot bricks, because they were the ones who were actively involved in the migration of spirit veins from Huang Li Island. As a result, they were very afraid of Lu Ping’s revenge.

Li Xuan-Liang listened to the opposing opinions and looked at the anxious father and son and frowned. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed, and he exclaimed, "Not good!"

Moments later, thunder clapped above the island.


Li Xuan-Liang hurriedly activated the island's protective formation, while a second thunderclap followed shortly after, causing the island to shake.


In the Hall of Ancestors, the formation chassis of the protective formation quivered as more than half of the hundred mid-grade spirit stones powering it exploded into dust.

"Mini lightning divine ability!"

Li Xuan-Liang's expression turned somber. In the next second, he disappeared from the hall and flew out to the sky. He was soon joined by the others from the meeting.

Above Flying Lightning Island, Li Xuan-Liang looked at the young man, and said, "Who are you? How dare you attack my Li Clan in bright daylight!?"

The young man looked at him with a smile, "You must be Li Xuan-Liang, right? I'm Lu Ping."

Li Xuan-Liang's face turned cold, while the core clan members behind him experienced drastic changes in their expressions. Li Zi-Ming and Li Zi-Yu even deliberately hid at the back of the crowd.

However, Lu Ping's divine revelation promptly picked up everything, especially the father and son's reactions which seemed to only further confirm Hu Lili's guess.

"Lu Ping, don't think that you can do anything you like just because you have a Great Ancestor teacher backing you. This is a civilized world, without solid reason, you shall be punished for attacking the Li Clan! We will appeal to Tian Ling Mountain if we have to. We demand fairness from Zhen Ling Sect! Not even Zhen Ling Sect can bully us whenever they like!"

Lu Ping looked at Li Zi-Cheng who had just spoken. He then frowned, and said to Li Xuan-Liang, "Since when is the Li Clan represented by a child? Are you perhaps a puppet in the clan?"

Li Xuan-Liang glanced discontentedly back at Li Zi-Cheng, who had clenched his fists and wore a red face from embarrassment.

Then, Li Xuan-Liang sneered coldly, "He might be rude, but he’s right, do you really think the Li Clan is an easy target to bully?"


Lu Ping raised his head and laughed, as if he just heard an extremely funny joke, "What is this, the Li Clan is getting bullied by me?"

Li Xuan-Liang was puzzled, and asked, "What do you mean?"

At this time, Lu Ping's actions on Flying Lightning Island had attracted all the attention from the island and surrounding islands. Many cultivators' divine sense and divine revelation were closely looking at the situation. Lu Ping smiled, and calmly replied, "Clan Head Li has broken through to the Mid Core Forging Realm, while I’m only in the Early Core Forging Realm, but instead, I am bullying you by challenging you, is that how you put it?"

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