Chapter 312 – Spirit-Gathering Teapot
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 312 – Spirit-Gathering Teapot

When Lu Ping heard that the Shapeless Water was related to the [Shapeless Sword Art], he was inwardly elated but remained calm and unmoved on the surface.

"Beauty Sun, although Shapeless Water is wonderful, it is most valuable with the [Shapeless Sword Art]. Without the sword art's help, the peculiar water will only be effective when it is not in motion. Once the cultivator moves, the stealth property will be reduced to almost nothing. In this case, even the Kui Water Essence would be more valuable."

Just as Lu Ping was about to agree to her offer, Liang Xuan-Feng suddenly spoke up from the side. His words were meant to caution Lu Ping about the Shapeless Water's weakness, but he didn't know that Lu Ping had already learned the [Shapeless Sword Art].

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian also added, "Fei Ling Sect's Shapeless Water and the associated [Shapeless Sword Art] have not been seen since its annihilation. I'm afraid that the sword art is forever lost to us, never to be found again. It is indeed a shame that the Shapeless Water’s biggest value is gone."

Sure enough, Enlightened Master Ting-Jian also quietly pointed out that the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect's offer was a better option.

Lu Ping remained quiet. He could tell that Beauty Sun was somewhat in a hurry to increase her prowess. Otherwise, she wouldn't have risked offending the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect to bid for the Million Poisons Pulp.

Lu Ping was even more sure of his conjecture when he saw the flash of anger in Beauty Sun's eyes. Furthermore, it seemed like the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect also knew about her situation as well.

Lu Ping rubbed his chin and thought, Is there some other use for Million Poisons Pulp that I don't know of?

However, the Shapeless Water was something he wouldn't let go of. He thought for a moment, then conducted his voice directly into Liang Xuan-Feng's ears.

Liang Xuan-Feng took a sip of tea to hide the hint of surprise in his eyes, then he put down the tea and said, "The Sword Cleansing Pool is a golden opportunity for any cultivator. The amount of insights from the sword practitioners left in the pool will be incredibly beneficial if my mystic treasure nephew was cultivating a sword divine ability. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The swordsmanship insights and gold-element essence accumulated in the pool will only disrupt the purity of his pure water-element protective divine ability."

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian laughed and tried to persuade him. "Brother Liang is right, but the swordsmanship insights will also help Little Brother Lu improve his prowess greatly."

Liang Xuan-Feng smiled, but didn't reply, which obviously showed that he wasn't convinced. On the other hand, Beauty Sun's eyes brightened up and she murmured inaudibly. The Enlightened Masters immediately knew she was communicating with Lu Ping.

Lu Ping listened to her and his expression changed for a split second. He thought for a moment, then said, "In that case, I will take Beauty Sun's Shapeless Water. Although it has lost most of its wonder without the [Shapeless Sword Art], the water-element is still compatible with my pure-water-element divine ability."

Then, the two exchanged their respective peculiar water. Although Lu Ping appeared calm, he was actually overjoyed in his heart, not just because he managed to acquire the Shapeless Water, but also because of the promise given by Beauty Sun.

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian smiled at Beauty Sun. "Congratulations, Junior Uncle Wu-Liang's condition might now improve."

Beauty Sun was initially when receiving the Million Poisons Pulp, but her face darkened at his words. She glared sharply at him, while some of the Enlightened Masters seemed to realize something. Since Lu Ping wasn't from the East Ocean, he didn't know what was going on between them.

Lu Ping looked sideways at Chu Ting, thinking that she would know. However, she rolled her eyes back at him and conducted her voice to him directly, "I'm not in-charge of this region."

Lu Ping shrugged, then heard Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian say, "It's my turn now!"

Lu Ping watched as Enlightened Master Huang drew a circle in the blank space in front of him, where an item miraculously appeared out of thin air.

The Enlightened Masters looked over curiously and saw that the item was actually a… teapot? Although puzzled, they knew Enlightened Master Huang wouldn’t take out something ordinary, so they waited patiently for his introduction.

Meanwhile, they used their divine revelation to inspect the teapot, but were surprised to find that it was not a mystic instrument, let alone a mystic treasure. It felt just like an ordinary teapot, and the only peculiarity was that they couldn't identify its material.

Lu Ping's seat was just beside Liang Xuan-Feng’s, so he immediately noticed him quivering for a split second when the teapot appeared. It was as if Liang Xuan-Feng was shocked to see the mysterious teapot. Despite that, his expression remained unchanged as if nothing had happened.

For cultivators who were seasoned by the vicissitudes of life like Liang Xuan-Feng, there was almost nothing that could affect their state of mind; he wasn’t even affected when his cultivation foundation was damaged. This teapot must certainly be something if it could move Liang Xuan-Feng.

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian waited for the Enlightened Masters to finish inspecting the teapot, then he said, "This is actually a mystic treasure."

Those who’d just checked the teapot didn't believe it—how was it a mystic treasure if it didn’t even have a Mystical Inscription?

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian saw their expressions and smiled. He opened the lid and a wave of high-purity spiritual energy immediately rushed out of the teapot. The Enlightened Masters were surprised, then looked inside the teapot with their divine revelation and found there were indeed two Mystical Inscriptions inside.

"It is indeed a mystic treasure!"

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"Is this a spatial mystic treasure?"

"Spatial mystic treasure? Is it the one from Chong Xuan Dojo? Didn't the Crystal Palace say it was a spatial mystic instrument, since when did it become a spatial mystic treasure?"

"How is this a spatial mystic treasure? The spatial dimension isn't at all large enough!"

"That's right, it can't be that. But what is it exactly? Why is the spiritual energy so pure?"

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian looked at their curious eyes, then cleared his throat and said, "Have any of you heard of spirit-gathering teapots?"

"What? This is a spirit-gathering mystic treasure?"

"What exactly is a spirit-gathering teapot?"

Some exclaimed in shock, while the others asked puzzlingly. Lu Ping was one of those in the dark, while Liang Xuan-Feng was one who knew and was shocked to hear this announcement.

Enlightened Master Huang Ting-Jian glanced over at Liang Xuan-Feng and quickly looked away. Lu Ping also looked at Liang Xuan-Feng's expression and knew in his heart that the older man was just pretending ignorance to blend in with the others.

Spirit-gathering mystic treasures were used to confine spirit veins, to prevent their spiritual energies from scattering, and even move them from one place to another. As such, they were extremely important to sects as a way to ensure long-lasting prosperity and continuation.

The spirit-gathering teapot was one of the most common forms of such mystic treasures.

Hearing his explanation, the Enlightened Masters all grew interested. At the same time, they wondered why the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect was willing to take it out for the trade fair.

"Enlightened Master Huang, are you really willing to trade this treasure away?" A Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master was skeptical.

"Naturally. Dao Brother Yun, there is no need for doubt. Although it is a cherished treasure, it is not that valuable to the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect."

Lu Ping quietly thought there must be something shady going on behind the scene. The spirit-gathering mystic treasure was crucial for any sect; there was no way the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect would be so generous.

The Enlightened Masters obviously understood this as well, but they thought little of it. This could be a once in a lifetime chance to acquire a spirit-gathering mystic treasure! They couldn’t let it slip away, especially for those from sects.

"I wonder what Enlightened Master Huang is willing to trade it for?" an Enlightened Master asked.

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