Chapter 285 – Unexpected Visitor
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 285 – Unexpected Visitor

While Lu Ping was deep in thought about the River Inclusion Cauldron, he suddenly heard Chilian Ying shouting outside of the cultivation room, "Little Yue, Little Yue, an important person is here to see you, don't say I didn’t tell you!"

Lu Ping felt helpless when he heard her—he had no idea how she came up with the nickname nor could he change her attitude. Putting that aside, he wondered who would visit him at this time.

Walking out, he was completely taken aback to see the two people in front of him.

"Little friend Lu, I wonder if you still remember this old man?"

His hands clasped behind him, the old man merrily questioned Lu Ping. His companion, a long-necked young man, looked at Lu Ping with curiosity. These two were Yan Wu-Jiu, the Grandmaster Alchemist who was equal in status as Great Ancestor Hong Ye, and his disciple, Luan Yu.

Lu Ping calmed his surprised heart and hurriedly came forward to welcome them. "Forgive this junior, I would have greeted you at the doors if I’d known you were coming to visit."

Yan Wu-Jiu laughed and waved away his words. "We monsters will never get used to the false politeness you humans put up all day long. To be frank, I am here to ask for a favor. Would you happen to be free at the moment?"

Lu Ping was confused and a little anxious. He didn’t see how he would be of help to the Grandmaster Alchemist, but he still respectfully invited them into the cave-dwelling.

Next to them, Hong Ying and Wu Yan were shocked that their visitors turned out to be monster cultivators, whereas Yue Jiang-Rui looked puzzled to see their arrival!

Yan Wu-Jiu closed his eyes to enjoy his cup of spirit tea. After a while, he opened his eyes and remarked, "An ordinary high-grade spirit tea, yet the addition of Amethyst Bee Honey has heightened it in all aspects. It’s almost as tasty and beneficial as top-grade spirit tea."

"Senior is too kind."

Putting down the cup, Yan Wu-Jiu pointed his finger at Luan Yu and said, "We monsters hate beating around the bush, so I will be blunt. I intend to entrust my disciple under your care for some time. I wonder if you’d be willing to accept him?"

Lu Ping looked at Yan Wu-Jiu with bewilderment, then at Luan Yu, who returned his gaze curiously.

His first instinct was to reject the request, but after carefully thinking for a moment, he asked, "May I know the reason? Brother Luan Yu is an alchemical genius, so his presence is welcomed everywhere. Why use the word ‘entrust’?"

"Heh, you’re right. He would be welcomed, but not out of goodwill." Yan Wu-Jiu didn't answer the question, but asked instead, "Little friend, I've seen a Verdant Luan by your side. Is she here?"

Lu Ping knew Lu Qin's appearance in the Alchemy Conference surely wouldn’t escape Yan Wu-Jiu's eyes, but he couldn’t see what Lu Qin had to do with this matter. Even so, he still called out to his cultivation room.

In the cultivation room, the Tome of Thousand Millets was activated. Lu Qin was singing on the peach tree inside the spatial dimension when she heard the call and flew out to Lu Ping.

Luan Yu's eyes brightened the moment he saw Lu Qin landing on Lu Ping's shoulder. "Haha, I recognized you, but I didn't know you were also a Luan!"

Lu Ping was surprised to see Luan Yu smiling happily. Luan Yu talked to Lu Qin in their language, and the two Luans instantly turned into chatterboxes, their happy chirps filling the entire cave-dwelling.

Lu Ping never expected the shy-looking teenager could be so talkative. Yan Wu-Jiu also looked a little startled, but his gratified expression showed that he approved of their lively interaction.

The monster Grandmaster Alchemist waved his hand and sent the two out of the cave-dwelling, letting them converse on their own. Then, he turned to Lu Ping with a smile. "I didn't expect them to get along so well, I’m quite relieved."

Lu Ping couldn't help thinking, You’re already acting like I agreed to your request. I guess nothing I say will change your mind.

Yan Wu-Jiu immediately understood his thoughts. "She is the offspring of a Wind Luan and a Fire Luan. Hybrids like these usually end up inheriting their parents’ bad qualities, with none of the good. Not to mention that the Wind Luan isn't one of the better lineages in the Luan race.

"However, she seems to be different. Although not as good as the top-tier monsters, she is close. But it won't stay like this for long, if she continues to cultivate based on her own instincts, she will never fully awaken the Fire Luan heritage in her bloodline, not even after advancing into Core Forging Realm. Even if she does, the heritage she receives will also be weak."

Lu Ping was shocked to hear this. "Lu Qin can awaken the heritage in her bloodline? Isn't this the natural privilege of top-tier monsters? But the awakening should take place during their Blood Condensation Realm, no?"

Yan Wu-Jiu looked admiringly at Lu Ping. "For most cases, but there are also exceptions like her. I can teach her a secret technique and give some guidance. This way, the Fire Luan heritage she’ll awaken will be much more complete."

Lu Ping's expression changed nonstop as he contemplated the situation. After some time, he said, "This junior is grateful for your help and guidance. But I still have to ask, why is Senior entrusting Luan Yu to me. Would he be in danger even by your side? If so, as someone weaker than you, how can I protect him?"

Three days later, Yan Wu-Jiu quietly left Lu Ping's cave-dwelling. In the Tome of Thousand Millets, two songbirds were playing on the peach tree, with the more petite one singing from time to time.

Lu Ping strictly ordered Hong Ying, Wu Yan, and Yue Jiang-Rui to stay silent about Yan Wu-Jiu's arrival. Then, when he was about to say the same to Chilian Ying, she impatiently dismissed him with a wave of her hand. "I know, I know, don't worry."

Today was Li Xiu-Zhu's disciple acceptance ceremony, held in the Melodious Inn. On this day, Lu Ping stopped his cultivation routine and went with Chilian Ying to attend the ceremony.

Chu Ting and Li Mao-Lin were in charge of reception, busy welcoming the guests at the door when Lu Ping and Chilian Ying arrived.

Li Mao-Lin's eyes brightened and he hurriedly stepped forward to welcome them. "Brother Lu is indeed a great talent! If not for you, the Li Clan would have suffered a great loss. It's a pleasure to have you attend my daughter's ceremony."

Lu Ping smiled and said, "Clan Head Li, please don't flatter me. If not for Miss Chu Ting's high-grade cauldron and spirit fire, I wouldn’t have accomplished that much. I'd like to take this chance to thank Miss Chu for her help."

Chu Ting was wondering how to approach him after the previous unhappy incident, so when she heard Lu Ping giving her face, she quickly smiled back and said jokingly, "Well then, did you bring a congratulatory gift for Little Sister Li?"

In fact, those attending the ceremony didn't have to send any gifts. Instead, the disciple of the ceremony would owe the attendees a favor for witnessing the ceremony.

Li Mao-Lin was afraid that Lu Ping had come empty-handed and was about to help him out of an awkward situation, when he suddenly heard the other laugh and reply, "Yes, of course."

Just when Li Mao-Lin was about to decline the gift as there was no need, Chu Ting suddenly took the presented jade box while remarking, "Brother Lu is as thoughtful as always."

But as she looked at the box’s contents, she reacted with surprise, her voice hushed, “Did… did Brother Lu make this?”

Li Mao-Lin noticed the strangeness in Chu Ting's voice—he also took a look and saw a golden pellet inside of the jade box.

It was a Golden Essence Pellet!

Li Mao-Lin was surprised at first, but then he thought of something, and the surprise turned into shock. With sharp intake of breath, he hastily closed and resealed the jade box, then looked at Lu Ping in disbelief, "Did Brother Lu concoct this recently?”

Lu Ping smiled and answered, "Yes, but only through a stroke of luck."

Li Mao-Lin naturally knew the implications of his answer. This meant that Lu Ping, despite being a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator, was now a Master Alchemist. Despite choosing to keep a low profile, Lu Ping didn't hide this fact from the Li Clan.

This was an act of goodwill from Lu Ping, a Master Alchemist. Li Mao-Lin knew very well the influence wielded by Master Alchemists and what this would mean to the Li Clan.

Certainly, both sides had their own plans. The Li Clan, or rather, the Maiden Pavilion behind the Li Clan, was planning to get rid of the Wang Clan and let Lu Ping fill in the empty spot.

While this also seemed attractive to Lu Ping, he knew that without actual strength, he would never be able to secure an equal footing even after replacing the Wang Clan. He would have to rely on the Maiden Pavilion's support, which would eventually make him a second Li Clan.

Hence, he decided to reveal his alchemy breakthrough to Master Alchemist. This way, he could increase his bargaining power in the cooperation, giving him more freedom and power to be seen as equals with the Maiden Pavilion.

Seeing that more guests were arriving, Lu Ping returned to Chu Ting the interspatial pouch that contained her high-grade cauldron and spirit fire. After that, he walked into the inn alone while Chilian Ying stayed to accompany Chu Ting.

Li Mao-Lin was staring blankly at Lu Ping's back as he walked away, and the Enlightened Master suddenly said, "He truly is something."

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Chu Ting, who was chatting and giggling with Chilian Ying, suddenly put away her proud expression, paused for a moment and said, "I'm not as good as him."

This surprised Chilian Ying and Li Mao-Lin so much, as they rarely ever heard Chu Ting acknowledging her peers, let alone admitting her inferiority to anyone.

Lu Ping entered the inn, where a dozen or more guests were already seated. All of them were Enlightened Masters and their Blood Condensation Realm disciples, so as an unaccompanied Blood Condensation Realm cultivator, Lu Ping naturally gained a lot of attention from the crowd.

However, thanks to the Alchemy Conference, Lu Ping's fame had begun to spread throughout Qian Yuan City. Hence, the Enlightened Masters were able to recognize him. They knew that this young man was a potential Master Alchemist, so many of them smiled warmly at him and expressed their goodwill.

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