Chapter 210 – Divine Sense Expansion
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 210 – Divine Sense Expansion

His confidence came from the Continuous Leaf Mystical Lavenders.

They were the thousand-year spirit herbs that Lu Ping had bought from Li Er-Qiang using a Blood Condensing Pellet.

Lu Ping had found three ways to strengthen his divine sense.

The first way was the [Divine Furtherance Technique] which he had always been cultivating. The third method was the [Divine Separation Technique] which he had also been cultivating using the Soul Nurturing Wood.

The second way was the [Divine Expansion Technique], which he couldn't cultivate as it required the aid of a special type of medicinal pellet, known as the Divine Expansion Pellet.

However, the [Divine Expansion Technique] was actually easy to cultivate and the Divine Expansion Pellets were also easy to concoct. The issue was the scarcity of the Continuous Leaf Mystical Lavenders that were needed to concoct the pellets. In fact, this thousand-year spirit herb was actually almost as rare as 3000-year spirit herbs.

After Lu Ping officially became an Alchemist, he had been looking for them ever since. He had even asked his teacher, Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling, and second senior sister, Enlightened Master Li Xuan-Ru if they had any in their possession, but they also had none.

He had almost given up, and certainly didn’t expect to find them here in the East Ocean.

With the Continuous Leaf Mystical Lavenders, Lu Ping would be able to concoct the Divine Expansion Pellets, which were half-step Core Forging Realm pellets. Divine Expansion Pellets only required 15 thousand-year spirit herbs, so they were harder to concoct compared to Golden Nut Pellets, but much easier than Heart Condensation Pellets.

Lu Ping had already prepared the rest of the spirit herbs a long time ago, and had only been lacking the final ingredient.

Back when he concocted the Golden Nut Pellets, Lu Ping had modified the purification technique increasing the success rate to 40%. So, the success rate should be lower for the Divine Expansion Pellets as they were harder to concoct.

But because of his advanc

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