Chapter 188 – The Spirit Pearls
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 188 – The Spirit Pearls

"Mystic treasure!"

General Whale roared, while pulling back his right arm that was much thicker than an ordinary thigh. A layer of water wrapped around his huge fist, with the surface of the water forming white, cold ice.

With a loud bang, the pestle was punched back into Lu Ping's hand.

General Whale's huge body was also pushed backwards, shaking the ground with his every step. The impact was so strong that General Whale struggled to recover his balance. His face blushed red and spurted out a mouthful of blood, dyeing the surrounding seawater bright red.

Lu Ping was astonished. He didn’t expect that the monster general could actually withstand the mystic treasure's blow and even knock it back!

But there was no turning back now, he had to complete what had been started.

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Lu Ping's spirit pets lunged towards the seriously wounded General Whale, while he turned to look at General Shark with a gloomy expression.

Lu Ping swallowed a Spirit Regenerating Pellet. Then, he lifted his hand and pointed at General Shark. Landslide appeared above the monster general and smashed down towards its head.

General Shark's mystic instrument was a longsword. It had a long handle and a triangular blade, which reminded Lu Ping of a shark's fin.

General Shark raised his sword above him and sent out an slash, taking Landslide's attack head-on.

Landslide was parried away, while General Shark was also knocked back.

Lu Ping naturally wouldn’t give General Shark any chance to catch his breath.

When General Shark was knocked back, the surrounding seawater wrapped around his feet pinning him on the spot. General Shark looked over and saw the Cold Jade Glazed Bowl hovering above Lu Ping's head. It was clearly the mystic instrument being used to manipulate the seawater.

General Shark sneered mockingly. How dare a human actually try to compete on water manipulation skill in front of a powerful sea monster like himself.

General Shark simply flicked his tail, and the seawater Lu Ping was controlling suddenly dispersed. But Lu Ping was not shocked, he had only used the Cold Jade Glazed Bowl to divert General Shark's attention.

The surrounding seawater had been agitated as the two competed in manipulating the seawater. Meanwhile, an inconspicuous water current quietly made its way towards General Shark.

Suddenly, the inconspicuous water current shot out and made a long cut at General Shark's waist.

General Shark was shocked and let out a cry of pain. He swung his sword around him, but the water current was already gone.

In the next moment, General Shark felt another sharp pain on his back. His divine sense swiftly captured the flow of the water current, but the water current quickly scattered before he could attack it.

General Shark knew this was the doing of the human cultivator in front of him. He let out an angry roar and rushed towards Lu Ping while swinging his sword. The invisible water current made another three cuts on his body, but he ignored them all.

Lu Ping was amazed by the [Shapeless Sword Art]'s wondrous strength. Even though this was his first time casting the sword art, it was already strong enough to toy with the General Shark.

If this was an ordinary battle, he would only have to spend a little more time before he could easily kill General Shark. But right now, they were in a monster Enlightened Master's palace, and so Lu Ping wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, if it took too long, sooner or later the monster soldiers would discover him and alert Enlightened Master Jin to hurry back. By then, Lu Ping would be in huge trouble.

So, Lu Ping raised his hand and with a small shake, the invisible water current suddenly dispersed and revealed the Verdant Dawn Sword underneath the water current.

Then, the sword stabbed out, accompanied by a hundred sword lights, towards General Shark.

General Shark saw the Verdant Dawn Sword and roared, swinging his sword in front of him. The sword stirred up the surrounding water, diverting the sword lights to the side.

Lu Ping sighed, if only he had attained Sword Spirituality. If the sword lights had been given spirituality, they would have been able to adjust their trajectories and continue heading towards General Shark.

Lu Ping couldn’t help but remember Enlightened Master Jin's golden sword lights which moved like actual swordfishes in the Heaven of Seven Stars.

Lu Ping turned the Verdant Dawn Sword around and cast the [Thousand Stacks of Snow Sword Art]. More than a hundred sword lights shot out in a straight line towards General Shark's sword.

Although General Shark's sword was strong and durable, the sword lights struck the same place. Even General Shark, a monster cultivator with great strength, was forced to take two steps back, while his sword gained a huge chip that almost broke it apart.

When General Shark was knocked back, a red bead appeared above, and countless red threads appeared, tightly wrapping around him.

General Shark tried to break free, surging his arcane energy throughout his body. But it was to no avail, as the red threads continued to wrap tighter around him.

General Shark roared angrily, staring at Lu Ping with his two bloody-red eyes. Then, he saw two tiny lights flashing towards his face followed by a sharp sting on his eyes. General Shark felt a sudden weight being lifted from his body. Without even letting out a final cry, he was slain.

Lu Ping's arcane energy reserves were low after casting the mystic treasures twice in a row. His face was pale and looked as if he was suffering from a serious illness.

He hurriedly circulated the [North Ocean Wave Listening Scripture] to recover some arcane energy. Fortunately, this was the Golden Scale Palace which had a small spirit vein, so there was plenty of spiritual energy for him to absorb.

Ever since Lu Ping cultivated the [North Ocean Wave Listening Scripture], the recovery rate of his arcane energy was much slower compared to ordinary cultivators, but that was only because the total amount of arcane energy he had was several times larger.

Furthermore, from the beginning, Lu Ping had paid more attention to the consolidation of his cultivation foundation. This made his arcane energy more pure. Hence, it naturally required more time for him to recover his arcane energy compared to others.

Lu Ping used the Verdant Dawn Sword to attract General Shark's attention, before using the Scarlet Sunset Bead to imprison him. To finish it off, he used the Emerald Blood Divine Needles to pierce through General Shark's eyes and brain.

The battle between General Whale and the spirit pets was also nearing its end.

General Whale, who was the Golden Scale Palace's strongest monster general, was severely wounded by both the pestle mystic treasure, and the efforts of the spirit pets.

But even though General Whale was seriously injured and nearing its death, he was after all still in the Peak Blood Condensation Realm and therefore wouldn’t be easily defeated.

Lu Dagui's shell had cracked several times and he was now lying quietly on the sand. He was afraid that if he moved even an inch, his shell would completely shatter.

Lu Bi's scales had been torn at several places, and he was bleeding all over.

Lu Hai's tail had been flattened by General Whale's fist.

Lu Ling laid unconscious on the ground.

Lu Qin’s graceful feathers had been battered, and were scattered all over the place. Even though fighting underwater was disadvantageous to Lu Qin, her cultivation base was the highest among the spirit pets, and so she played the main role in the battle against General Whale.

On the contrary, Lu Dabao was the only one that was unscathed!

Lu Ping knew that Dabao had joined the battle after he scouted the spirit vein.

But Dabao's participation was only in making traps, such as potholes or ground spikes, underneath General Whale's feet. Although the traps were too weak to do any damage, they greatly hindered General Whale's movements, which in turn helped the other spirit pets a lot.

After Lu Ping killed General Shark, General Whale's demise was naturally unavoidable.

After the battle, Lu Ping went to collect the two giant monster generals' carcasses which had returned to their original form.

At the same time, the astute Dabao ran off to the ruins of the two stone cultivation rooms for the loot.

Unfortunately, the two monster generals didn’t leave behind any Condensed Blood Beads.

General Whale and General Shark were as strong as the Ocean Overturning Gang's Tranquil Sea Division Master; who in turn was on par with the North Ocean 18 Warriors.

In other words, Lu Ping was actually powerful enough to kill two North Ocean 18 Warriors on his own!

After he cleaned up the battlefield, Dabao came running back with two jade boxes on his head.

Lu Ping's eyes lit up. He reached out to pick up the two boxes and couldn't wait to open them.

Inside the boxes were three spirit pearls each. These were none other than the six spirit pearls from Kai Yang Hall!

Lu Ping held back his excitement and kept the six spirit pearls into the box he had used to hold his spirit pearls. When the twelve spirit pearls were placed together, they suddenly spun around in a circle and formed a teardrop-shaped water crystal.

Lu Ping was surprised to see this change. The spirit pearls had lost their spirituality, so how could they still react to each other and merge together automatically?

He looked at the water droplet and suddenly realized that the twelve spirit pearls were formed from the same heaven-and-earth spirit water that had lost its spirituality.

In other words, these twelve spirit pearls were originally one. Initially, Lu Ping thought that the spirit pearls were condensed from twelve different spirit waters.

Lu Ping was shocked, and at the same time was very excited.

If the twelve spirit pearls were condensed from the same spirit water, then it could only mean two things.

Firstly, the amount of spirit water was large, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for it to condense so many spirit pearls after it lost its spirituality.

Secondly, this spirit water was high in quality, otherwise the residual spiritualities in the spirit pearls wouldn’t have been able to prompt them to recombine together.

At that time, Lu Ping suddenly understood why Enlightened Master Jin didn’t save these six spirit pearls for his own use. Not only did Enlightened Master Jin already have his nascent mystic treasure, he probably also knew that the spirit pearls were not complete.

Even though six spirit pearls were still enough to make a mystic treasure, the mystic treasure's power wouldn’t be at its fullest without the remaining pearls.

Lu Ping's purpose here in the Golden Scale Palace had been achieved.

So, he finally had the time to inspect the manor in front of him, which was clearly Enlightened Master Jin's personal space.

Although he was already inside the manor's protective array formation, he wasn’t sure if Enlightened Master had left any seal that would be triggered if someone entered his manor.

Lu Ping was hesitating, Dabao had scouted the spirit vein, but didn’t find any Spirit Gathering Pearls underground. The only place that had not yet been scouted was the manor.

But Lu Ping wasn’t willing to leave just like that. There would definitely be some treasures inside the manor. Besides, the small spirit vein alone was more than enough to attract Lu Ping's greed.

He couldn’t help but wonder if he could relocate the small spirit vein to his cave-dwelling on Huang Li Island…

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