Chapter 85: The World Outside
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Nightmare Assault Chapter 85: The World Outside

The meal was lavish. Perhaps because it was free. Jiang Cheng took a serving of everything. Jiang Cheng had a braised chicken thigh in his mouth while he peeled off the shell of a crabfish with his fingers. The shells on his plate piled up like a small mountain, “Fatty, you should eat some.”

Fatty sighed. He was helpless around Jiang Cheng. He had no appetite, so he picked up a piece of cornbread and munched on it slowly. “Doctor,” He looked around and whispered, “Do you think… This is the real world?” It sounded like Fatty had been holding this question in his heart for a long time. He pressed his lips and continued, “If it’s not… How come everything here feels so real? But…”

“But if it is, how can we explain the supernatural events that are happening, right?” Jiang Cheng spat out the bones.

“That’s right.”

Jiang Cheng used the free napkin and looked Fatty, “I’ve thought about it before. If the essence of the nightmare realm is an aberration of time and space, every time we push open the door, we come to a place that someone has experienced in their real life.”

Fatty was confused, “Doctor, what do you mean?”

“If everything is in the past, we can’t change the ending anymore. In other words, our arrival doesn’t affect this world.”

“I still don’t get it…”

Jiang Cheng interrupted him. He stared at the door.

“But we’re changing this place, aren’t we? Look around us. How can a place like this exist in the real world? This place…” He paused, and his tone shifted, “It’s like it has been specially prepared for us.”

Fatty’s pupils narrowed. “You mean someone has prepared this world for us?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have enough evidence to support my hypothesis.”

Jiang Cheng pulled out two clean napkins, folded them and put them in his shirt pocket. He was careful and precise. The man gave Fatty the feeling of a robot. His every axle and gear was operating perfectly.

“Fatty,” Jiang Cheng’s sudden words startled Fatty.

“Doctor,” Fatty nodded. “I’m listening.”

“Have you ever wondered… about the outside world?” Jia

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