Chapter 67 - Don't Worry About Status Buffs; Hurry Along
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 67 - Don't Worry About Status Buffs; Hurry Along

Jiang Taotao looked at Lin Moyu and then at Ling Zhen.

She is very displeased with Ling Zhen's approach.

However, if they lose a damage dealer, it will be almost impossible to clear the nightmare rank dungeon.

They won't be able to complete the trial.

At this time, a number of parties are looking for Mages, so Ling Zhen is in great demand.

That's why he chose this time for his ultimatum.

This puts Jiang Taotao in a dilemma.

Without Lin Moyu, the average level of the party will exceed the limit.

However, it's not difficult to find a low-level class user. It's at least easier than finding a Mage.

Ning Yiyi wanted to say something, but Lin Moyu gently placed his hand on her arm, signaling her not to speak.

He knows what Ning Yiyi wants to say.

If he is asked to leave the party, Ning Yiyi will leave as well.

Lin Moyu didn't say anything, but watched quietly.

Now the ball is in Jiang Taotao's court.

After struggling for a while, Jiang Taotao finally made her decision.

Her gaze fell on Ling Zhen, "Ling Zhen, you should leave the party."

Ling Zhen has a confident expression on his face, thinking that Jiang Taotao would definitely choose him.

Yet unexpectedly, the answer he obtained was the complete opposite.

"What?" He thought he heard wrong, "Party leader, if I leave the party, you won't be able to complete the trial."

"Don't you want to join Chuangshen Institute?"

Jiang Taotao said in a deep voice, "I do. However, you forgot about my class."

Jiang Taotao's class is Spren Knight.

Knights have their own beliefs.

To be able to come here, everyone has Lin Moyu to thank.

Yet now she has to kick Lin Moyu out of the party? Jiang Taotao can't stomach that.

Ling Zhen sneered, "In that case, I hope you won't regret it."

With that, he left the party.

Since there is a shortage of Mages, it won't be difficult for him to find a party.

At this time, Lin Moyu got up slowly, "Let's enter the dungeon."


Jiang Taotao was taken aback.

Lin Moyu should be aware of the current situation.

Having reached an

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