Chapter 3 - Skeletal Warrior From A Garbage Dump
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 3 - Skeletal Warrior From A Garbage Dump

3 - Skeletal Warrior From A Garbage Dump

Suddenly, a student shouted, "Look, there's something in the dark clouds."

Everyone looked up.

Specks of firelight rose in the dark clouds.

The firelight floated in the air.

In addition to the firelight, there seems to be something else.

Moreover, clattering sound, which is grating to the ears, transmitted from the dark clouds.

A student with sharp eyes finally saw clearly what was inside the dark clouds, then plopped with his butt on the ground, filled with fear.

"Skeletons, there are skeletons in the clouds."

Following his words, the things in the dark clouds were fully exposed. There are tens of thousands of skeletons, and the firelight is the soul fire in their skulls.

The skeletons glisten with eerie white light, looking ferocious and scary.

Although they know it is just a vision, but many students still backed away, scared.

One of the soul fires fell from the sky and landed on Lin Moyu.

Then, the vision disappeared. Everything returned to normal in an instant.

[Unique hidden class: Necromancer]

It's not a superior class.

But a hidden class.

Furthermore, it's a unique hidden class.

This signifies that only one individual in the entire world can possess this class.

Unless Lin Moyu dies, a second individual with this class will never appear.

Hidden classes are rarer than superior classes, and even rarer than legendary classes.

However, when it comes to hidden classes, it is unknown whether they will be formidable or not, but they will certainly be few and far between.

Lin Moyu is the only one in the world with the Necromancer class.

"To actually awakened a hidden class, Lin Moyu is awesome. And it's a unique hidden class to boot."

"How come the mute's luck is so good? Is there something wrong with the formation?"

"Hidden classes are not necessarily exceptional. There have been many people whose hidden classes were lacking."

"Right. Hidden classes are merely rare, but not necessarily amazing."

"But the vision was terrifying. Furthermore, his clas

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