Chapter 223 - This Goddamned Crazy Bastard!
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 223 - This Goddamned Crazy Bastard!

Shrieks of agony rang out one after another.

The Abyssal Demon and Dragonkind Knight charging at the very front fell to the ground, unleashing miserable screams.

The sudden excruciating pain was unbearable, making it difficult for them to even maintain their balance.

When they fell, their faces contorted with fear. All around them were terrifying Soul Devour Insects. At the same time, they saw the blazing flame in Lin Moyu's palm.

"It's his doing!"

"That vile human!"

The Abyssal Demon and Dragonkind Knight were furious, their eyes filled with hatred, wishing they could kill the vile human in front of them.

But for now... their priority was to escape with their lives! Enduring the intense pain, they quickly got up and continued to run forward.

Since Lin Moyu had already started, there was no way he would let them escape alive.

The Soul Devour Insects would have to die as well. After all, Lin Moyu fears numbers the least.

A chilly wind surged.

On the Immemorial Battlefield, where there was no sun, the temperature was already rather low, with frozen ponds strewn about. But now the temperature had dropped even further, as if to freeze everything solid.

Two tall and imposing Lich Generals appeared beside Lin Moyu.


The Abyssal Demons and Dragonkind class users showed looks of surprise. Earlier, they had seen two skeletons next to Lin Moyu. But now there were two more summons.

The Lich Generals were over three meters tall, burly in stature, flanking Lin Moyu on either side. They looked quite impressive.

But in the face of the Soul Devour Insects, size was useless. No matter how powerful their defense was, no matter if they were immune to physical attacks, it was all futile.

"This human is not right in the head! If he doesn't run away now, he's going to die soon!"

"There are already Soul Devour Insects heading his way. He's as good as dead. As a mere level 30 human, he can't outrun them!"

The Abyssal Demons and Dragonkind class users shared similar thoughts.

Due to the disturbance cause by Detection, a swarm of

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