Chapter 201 - Strange Flower; Fire God's Key
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 201 - Strange Flower; Fire God's Key

The whole palace seemed to have awakened. Numerous Fire God's Palace Guards poured out inside. They had the same goal, heading straight for the Skeletal Warriors.

At this time, Lin Moyu was still standing at the palace's gate. Seeing the scene before him, he immediately ordered the Skeletal Warriors to turn back.

If they were to proceed forward, they would be hit by the control-type skill, before being surrounded and killed.

The lack of an anti-control-type ability is really a major weakness of his.

A Skeletal Warrior appeared next to him and lifted the remaining Fire God's Palace Guard's corpse.

In a dungeon, after a monster dies, its corpse will exist for a short time. As time goes by, the corpse's health will rapidly decrease.

It has only been about a minute since he dealt with the two Fire God's Palace Guards at the gate, yet Lin Moyu can already feel that most of the corpse's health had disappeared. After a while, even the corpse itself will disappear.

The Skeletal Warriors ran back, followed by numerous pursuers.

"Throw it!"

Lin Moyu willed, and the Skeletal Warrior next to him threw the Fire God's Palace Guard's corpse.

Skill: Corpse Explosion!

The corpse passed over the heads of the Skeletal Warriors and then exploded in the air. The explosion swept through the palace's interior, and the entire palace trembled.

Lin Moyu's pupils constricted. Not a single one of the pursuing Fire God's Palace Guards was killed in the explosion.

The corpse has existed for too long, and so its health was greatly reduced.

Even with the skill's amplification, the corpse's detonation still wasn't enough to kill the Fire God's Palace Guards. It was only able to blow them away.

After being attacked, the Fire God's Palace Guards shifted targets and focused on Lin Moyu. They bellowed and rushed toward him.

At this time, a red light flashed, and red chain patterns appeared on the heads of the Fire God's Palace Guards. The speed of the Fire God's Palace Guards suddenly slowed.

Lin Moyu locked on the Fire God's Palace G

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