Chapter 196 - A Brilliant And Dazzling Explosion
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 196 - A Brilliant And Dazzling Explosion

Lin Moyu forcefully broke into the energy shield.

Several pairs of eyes opened wide.

You are a Mage, not a melee fighter.

Why did you break in? Are you going to swing a sword?

Do you also have a Warrior-type skill?

The energy shield flickered with light. The Skeletal Mages were still attacking.

The Paladin maintained the energy shield and couldn't move.

The summoned beast rushed toward Lin Moyu in the first moments.

The warhorse-like, tall-as-a-human Unicorn collided with Lin Moyu.

There was a bang, and the Bone Armor shone brightly. The impact was quite powerful.

The Elemental Mage and Fire Warlock also launched attacks against Lin Moyu.

Lin Moyu faced the attacks head on. At this time, a red light flashed.

Skill: Slowing Curse!

There was a buzzing sound, and the movements of six people and one beast slowed down.

"It's a curse!"

A terrible thought popped up in the Paladin's mind. Subsequently, a brilliant light rose from him.

The Paladin has a skill that can break curses.

At the same time, the Shillien Elder cast a skill to lift the curse.

At this moment, Skeletal Warriors appeared next to the group of six.

The moment they appeared, the Skeletal Warriors surrounded the opponent from all directions.

The Skeletal Warriors unleashed their skill at once.

Less than half a second later, Lin Moyu released some more Skeletal Warriors.

As a countermeasure against skills such as the Fire Ring of Repulsion, he didn't release the Skeletal Warriors all at once.

A black cloud appeared, and a number of Skeletal Warriors stopped and fell into a slumber.

Skill: Cloud of Sleep.

The group control-type skill of the Shadow Mage was finally able to display its power.

The summoned beast roared and raised its hooves, and a pillar of water rushed out from the ground and sent a number of Skeletal Warriors into the sky.

At the same time as it attacked, the skill of a number of Skeletal Warriors has landed on it.

When a gap presented itself, Lin Moyu would release a batch of Skeletal Warriors.

As soon as they are

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