Chapter 921: Familiar
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 921: Familiar

The scenario was very familiar to Han Fei. He had seen similar buildings in his mind before. The things that appeared in his dream were before him. It was a very strange feeling. Han Fei’s soul was drawn to this place like this place was his home.

Windows were drawn on the old walls. All the windows were open, and it was bright outside the windows. There were rain, sunshine, and snow. Many children wandered around the windows. For them, there was hope outside the window.

Han Fei walked down the long corridor and opened the classroom door. Well-read books sat in the corners. Cute pictures were pasted on the wall too.

“30 seats. One is missing…” Han Fei remembered the shock he saw when he saw Mad Laughter for the first time outside the Red Orphanage. He slowly walked to where Mad Laughter was standing back then. The place where his table should be was an air-conditioner.

“The orphanage in my mind is different from this place.” Han Fei grabbed the arm of the worker and said, “You said that Lab No. 1 is modeled after an orphanage in real life. Tell me where I can find the info on this orphanage!”

Other than Mad Laughter and No. 2, all 31 children died on that blood-red night. However, Immortal Pharma didn’t give up. They found more children. Of the second batch, many survived. Some of them included Seaglass Cat and Qiang Wei.

“I’m just a person who is responsible for cleaning up the trash. How would I know such secrets?” The worker glanced at the butcher’s knife and quickly added, “Everything related to Lab No. 1 is listed in extremely confidential files. They are handled by company admins. Only a handful knows the real secrets.” Han Fei didn’t make things difficult for the worker. ‘No. 2 and I are both children from the first batch. Immortal Pharma would have reached some results since they took such a big risk to build Lab No. 1. They want to recreate something.” Han Fei looked down the distance. The thing that confused Han Fei was, why would the three criminal organizations and Gao Xing enter Immortal Skyscrap

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