Chapter 915: Out of Love
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 915: Out of Love

“So does Gao Cheng have Gao Xing’s eyes or not?” Han Fei picked up the doctor and cleansed his mental corruption. When he realized the doctor was still incommunicable, he used Soul-depth Touch. The darkest fear within the doctor was from surgery. Han Fei immersed himself in it.

Inside the office, the doctor explained to Gao Xing and Gao Cheng’s parents again, “The eyes are a very complicated organ. Once the nerves are cut off, it’s basically impossible to heal. The capillaries on them are thinner than hair. The biggest thing we can do is to replace the broken parts with something else so that he could see at least blurrily.”

“What are the chances of my child regaining his sight?” The woman gripped her hands tightly. She had been preparing a long time for this day.

“There’s still a chance.” The doctor didn’t look at the blind parents. He only focused on the rich woman. The flowery perfume of the woman made the blind couple feel uncomfortable. They were very nervous.

“The best solution is to do a temporary transplant surgery. If you argue, please sign here.” The doctor personally poured the rich woman a cup of hot tea. There was not even a cup before the blind couple. “You can trust me. I won’t earn one extra dime from you. Plus, there’s no one else in this city that would do such a dangerous surgery.”

“But the price is to cost another child to lose his sight and the success rate is so low…”

The woman wanted to say no when the doctor took out another document. “The chance of finding a child who has eyes compatible with your son is one in a million. Plus, this surgery is no longer possible when your son is older. Even if you don’t like it, you have to consider your son. The world is so beautiful. Do you really want your son to be blind permanently?”

“But you never told me that the eyes would come from another living child!” The woman put the contract away. “I thought it would come from a donor but I’ve seen that boy at the aquarium. He’s perfectly healthy!”

“His parents have already agreed. Why won’t you?” The

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