Chapter 899: Immortality
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 899: Immortality

Han Fei didn’t understand one thing. The current Gao Xing was murderous and crazy. Why would he hide at a place like an old folk’s home? At least from the surface, Gu Yang Tian Nian Old Folk’s Home had nothing to do with murders. There were more buildings related to gore than in this place.

“Teacher Gao, our main mission this time is to enter the sea of flowers and steal the Pure Hatred’s flower of humanity. Don’t be reckless.” Ah Nian was familiar with Han Fei’s personality. The man could be crazy if he were cornered.

“I know.” Han Fei jumped down from Big Sin. He followed Ah Nian.

“I can’t believe I’m coming back to this place after trying so hard to escape from it.” Ah Nian’s body was shielded by the Old Folk’s Home’s shadow. His expression looked normal, but his pupils shook.

“It’s alright. The Pure Hatred wouldn’t expect you to return either.”

“That’s an interesting way to comfort people.” Ah Nian stopped getting nervous. “I’ll bring you into the home from the hidden side door. You need to stay close to me. If not, we’ll be separated instantly.” The home was filled with trapped. It was more dangerous than the aquarium. They avoided the front door. Ah Nian led Han Fei to the sewer near the canteen. He removed the grate and crawled in. The water that flowed out was red in color. There were hairs floating on the water. Through the narrow sewer, Ah Nian and Han Fei entered the back kitchen. They changed and put the security guard's id over their necks.

“The sea of flowers here is personally kept by God. The garden is more important than the home itself. The Pure Hatreds are all asleep there.” Ah Nian was very familiar with the insides of the home. Even though he was trapped in that one minute, he had done many things.

“Last time, I only wanted to help you pick the flowers and the Pure Hatreds came for me. This time, we’re going to steal the flower of humanity. They will stop us with all their might.”

“Not necessarily.” Ah Nian said, “The way you did it last time was wrong. We can’t brute force everything.”

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